Soap & Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm Review

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Claims : This slightly addictive, ultra-moisturising, barrier-fortifying lip balm from Soap & Glory is formulated with wild mango butter, vitamin E, plus argan and rose hip oils to nourish, soothe and soften lips. A must for any girl who wants to get rid of dry and chapped lips.

• WILD MANGO BUTTER – protective, repairing and naturally pampering
• ARGAN OIL – a ‘miracle ingredient’, extremely rich in linoleic acid to help soften, strengthen, moisturise and protect
• VITAMIN E OIL – for unbeatable long-lasting moisture, powerful antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory properties
• SWEET ALMOND, ROSE HIP AND SHEA BUTTERS – to bolster the barrier and help prevent TEWL
Price : £5.00

My Experience with Soap & Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm
Are you one of those who picks up lip balms even though you have 10 other lip balms in your collection already? Well, I am totally guilty of this. I end up buying lip balms at the drop of hat. And I wouldn’t lie but I picked up this one by Soap & Glory only because of its name. It was just hard to resist. 😛 😛

This lip butter balm comes in this cute little white pot with white screw cap. It’s tiny and light so there is absolutely no problem carrying it around. As cute as the pot packagings are they are never the most hygienic ones. But I am living with it for this one atleast. 😀
The lip balm looks pale pink in the pot but it actually goes colourless on application.

It is a very smooth neither too waxy nor too oily lip balm. It gives a light cooling tingling sensation, which I absolutely love. It goes on smoothly on lips and sinks in pretty quickly. If you are someone who likes their lip balms to sit on your lips for long, this may not be the one. I find it most ideal to use before applying lipsticks because it just preps the lips for smooth lipstick application. It sinks in the lips nicely and leaves them soft. It has a shea / coconut(y) fragrance to it but it is not overpowering at all. I am not a fan of coconut fragrances at all – they give me headaches. But this one is quite mild and sweet and I have gotten used to it. That said if it were available in other fragrances, I’d pick those over this for sure.

It is quite hydrating and moisturising on lips. And when applied at night it does a great job at repairing chapped lips. The ingredients wild mango butter, vitamin E, plus argan, almond oil and rose hip oils are all nourishing for the lips.

I would probably need a lip balm that is more hydrating than this for winter time but for summers this is my absolute favourite so far. 🙂 I would totally repurchase this as well. 🙂

I mean I don’t know what more to say. It’s just so nice. I am absolutely addicted to it. Could do with another packaging but this is just pure love! 🙂
Rating : 4.6/5

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