Soap & Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion Review

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Soap & Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion

By Anisa Virji

I spotted my first deliciously glamorous bubblegum pink Soap & Glory product at a Boots pharmacy in Bangkok airport (after a particularly adventurous scuba diving trip that had left my spirit invigorated but my poor skin dull and yucky). And I have been hooked ever since. Now, before I wax admiration about this brand I have to disclaim that I am biased towards UK products – this being one, LUSH being one of my other big loves.


I am cautious by nature so I only picked up one product from the range of awesomeness – the scrub your nose in it face scrub. Big mistake – but easily fixed because since then I have pleaded, begged, cajoled people flying in from London or through Bangkok to pick up several other funky pink and pearly white tubes, tubs, and bottles for me, including: the sexy mother pucker lip glosses (luurve), the glad hair day shampoo (yum), body butters, washes, scrubs, all sorts of things that make me shiny.

And that’s how I ended up with a tube of Touch & Glow. “Is it risky to be this ravishing?’ the tube asked me. “Heck, no, just… Touch & Glow”. Not quite as easy as all that, though. Let me explain why.


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My experience with Soap & Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion:

The tube spills out a silky white dollop of lotion. If you look closely you’ll see tiny white beads in the lotion – these are the built-in micro-bronzer beads. On spreading out the lotion you’ll find that the beads burst and imbue the lotion with a bronze colour, essentially turning it into a tinted moisturizer. Rubbing this tinted slightly pinkish lotion on your face, you will find that it disappears readily as though soaked up by a sponge, and, as promised, bring you that elusive glowy skin we all so crave.

The only real annoyance is the damn beads. You have to rub pretty hard to burst them and then you have to work equally hard to mix the colour up with the lotion to get an even mixture to apply – otherwise you can end up with streaks of brown – not attractive! Unfortunately, while you’re doing all of this hard work with your palms or fingers, a lot of the lotion gets absorbed into your hands and doesn’t make it to your face.


I love the dewy skin and even tone this product gives me, but I realized after I’d forgotten to use my Touch & Glow for a while that it was too much time and effort and I kept reaching for easier tinted moisturizers, especially those that have some SPF (Clinique and MAC being my other favourites). I probably won’t buy it again, but I do recommend trying it if you’re willing to give it a couple of minutes, especially ‘cos it’s not all that pricey (USD 13-15 for 75 ml).

Note: the exact same product is also marketed and sold as Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion.

Pros of Soap & Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion:

• Nice consistency of lotion – light and disappears leaving lovely dewy skin finally
• The tint is very mild – doesn’t really show up as colour just evens out so good for Indian skin tones
• Smells pleasant
• Love the packaging as all Soap & Glory products
• Has sweet orange peel – apparently beneficial for every type of skin


Cons of Soap & Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion:

• The bead bursting mixing issue – if you use it in a hurry you could end up with brown streaks on your face…ich!
• No SPF – I’m lazy so likes ‘em two-in-ones
• Has parabens
• Not available in India – although apparently Sephora in Delhi has some Soap & Glory products.

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5 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Touch & Glow Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion Review

  1. Heyyy you have written the review very nicely *woot* *clap* soap and glory products not available here *cry* and if spotted on some online store then are double the price *cry*

  2. Very nice review….I love the way you spin a story around the product 🙂 You could use a flat surface (a petri dish, a plastic paint mixing pallet, a simple steel plate etc.) to warm the product with a flat synthetic brush and burst the bronzing beads and then apply it on your face. This way nothing gets absorbed anywhere because the synthetic brush will deposit everything on your skin. After applying the product you can then always use your fingers to massage it into the skin. Hope this helps….keep ’em reviews coming!!

  3. I’ve tried five different products from S & G and I loved all of them *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* Your review has definitely made me want to explore this too.. thank god for Sephora..

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