Are Soaps Harmful For Your Skin?

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I’m back with another post and today we would be talking about if soaps are harmful to your skin? Soaps are one of the most commonly used products that we use both on our body and face. Soaps are used since ages immemorial and are believed to remove dirt and dust from the face. It is assumed that soaps help to deep clean the skin and eliminate the bacteria easily. In the past 15-20 years, soaps have received a lot of competition with several body washes, cleansing soaps and other skin cleansing essentials introduced to keep your skin clean.
Do you often end up thinking if using soap is harmful to your skin? Let’s know about this in detail and the truth behind using soaps while bathing.

Are Soaps Harmful For Your Skin

1. It May Leave You With Dry Skin:

As soon as you take a bath, you generally need to rush out to apply a body lotion or cream. Due to a huge amount of chemicals present in soaps, it may leave you with dry skin. Regular use of soaps can be harmful to your skin as it may suck the moisture and hydration out from your body easily. So, it is always good to use soap when you really need it or else it will end up eliminating good bacteria from your body thus leaving you with dry skin.

2. Kills The Bacteria:

There are many studies conducted in order to know if soaps are harmful to your skin or not. Experts say even after the sweatiest day you don’t need to wash your skin with soap as it is not important. Soap not only dries your skin but also kills off the good bacteria which may actually harm your skin and immunity as well. So, it is always good to use water to cleanse the skin instead of opting for chemical loaded soaps.

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3. They Contain Fragrance:

Not every soap is harmful to your skin but the ones which contain a lot of fragrance are surely toxic. One of the biggest components which makes soap the biggest skin culprit is the fragrance. According to experts, it is believed that fragrance of soap can actually be a cocktail of chemicals and other harmful ingredients which we aren’t aware of. It is advised that you should stay away from soaps which contain triclosan, parabens or sulphates.

4. Chemicals Enter Into The Body:

Using the wrong soap can take a toll on your skin largely! If you use soaps which contain triclosan or parabens, then you should stop using them continuously. Parabens can enter the bloodstream mimicking estrogen once the skin lathers up thus stripping off the natural oil from your skin. These chemicals promote the growth of bad bacteria on the skin.

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5. It Can Leave You With Wrinkled Skin:

Washing your face with soap can not only strip off the natural oils from the skin but it may sometimes leave you with dull and wrinkled skin. Prolonged and continuous use of chemical loaded soaps can leave you with matured skin with fine lines on it. It can damage your skin to a large extent and also make your skin rough and dry. For people with sensitive skin, they should usually stay away from soaps as a chemical in them may trigger acne.

In all, soaps are harmful to your skin until and unless you choose the right type of soap. Most of the soaps available these days contain a chemical which may be harmful to your skin. You can choose organic or herbal soaps for better results. Consult a dermatologist to know which soap is good for your skin.

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