Make Your Own Solid Perfume: Do It Yourself

Make Your Own Solid Perfume: Do It Yourself

Hello sweeties,


Hope you all had a nice weekend. For me, weekend means going out, meeting friends and doing some shopping, sounds fun right? But it is not possible to do the same every weekend.  I cannot sleep in the afternoon, I just do not get sleep and sitting ideal irritates me. I feel good when I do something creative.  That’s the reason I keep looking/thinking for DIY project ideas and this idea of making my own solid perfume was there on my list for a really long time. I wanted to make it using beeswax, but finding beeswax was a big challenge.  I looked for it everywhere, but could not find it. So, finally I decided to replace beeswax with petroleum jelly, as I saw it in the ingredient list of some of the solid perfumes available in the market. So, gather all the ingredients girls and let’s get started:


Solid Perfume 2

  • Beeswax or Petroleum jelly (if using Vaseline, use the original version, the clear one).
  • Carrier oil like sweet almond or olive or jojoba oil (I used sweet almond oil).
  • Essential oil of your choice (this one will decide the fragrance of solid perfume. You can use one or mix of many as per your fragrance preference. I used rose oil).
  • Clean container to store solid perfume (I used a decorated Sindoor ki dibbi made of tin).
  • One small container to mix oils, preferably non-metallic.
  • Toothpicks for mixing.

Procedure for Making Solid Perfume:

Step 1: In the small oil mixing container, add ½ spoon of carrier oil if you are using petroleum jelly.  In case of beeswax, add one spoon of carrier oil.

Step 2: In same container, add 22-25 drops of essential oil. In case of mix of essential oils, take 7-10 drops of each essential oil to reach total 25 drops. With help of toothpick, mix the oils, then smell it to make sure this is the fragrance you want.

Step 3: In a heat safe container, add 1 spoon of petroleum jelly.

Step 4:  Then, melt it using double boiling method (boil water in a pan and put this container inside that).  You can melt in in microwave also, choice is yours.

Step 5: It may take 10 seconds or so to melt it fully, once melted take the container out.

step 1-9

Step 6: Quickly, add the mix of oils in melted petroleum jelly.

Step 7: Stir it using toothpick (not using metal spoon, as we don’t want our utensils to smell like perfume).

Step 8:  Transfer the mixture in clean storing container.

Step 9:  Let it set for 30 minutes or more. Once done, the texture should feel like lip balm or soft lipstick. That is all your own solid perfume is ready.

solid perfume 3

Solid perfumes are handy to use, and easy to carry around. They are also alcohol free so bonus for people with sensitive skin. This way you can mix and create fragrance of your own choice, personalized smell. I was super excited after making this. I wore it to office and friends asked me which perfume I am wearing, then I proudly told then that it’s my own creation.  It stays on me for 2-3 hours, however, using beeswax will improve staying power.  My hunt for beeswax is still on. If anyone knows where I can get it in Bangalore, please let me know.

solid perfume

I hope you all like this DIY and will try it too.

Quick Tips:

  • Always smell the essential oil mix before making your perfume to make sure it is the fragrance you like/want.
  • You can use any tin/glass container like mint box, empty lip balm or compact box, or even old lockets to store your perfume.
  • Petroleum jelly makes lighter and softer solid perfume, so do not add more oil, which will make it difficult to set.
  • To get fresh fragrance, you can use lemon, orange or grapefruit oil.  For floral scents, use rose, lavender, etc.  For woodsy smell, use sandalwood and cedar are good options. You can use any mix of oils you like to wear.
  • Wear it on pulse points like behind the ear, on the wrists, behind the knees, etc., perfumes work wonderfully with body heat.

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49 thoughts on “Make Your Own Solid Perfume: Do It Yourself

    1. You can use Vasaline original one Soundrya… u can find it in any general store/medical store and it is available online too on many sites..

  1. jaw dropped.. Stupendous creativity..sheer genius Sweta.. loved this post.. 🙂 I will try this, can’t wait for the weekend!!!!

    1. Thanks Surbhi ji,
      And really it is a challenge only to find Beeswax, I even contacted someone online who said he can deliver only when i order for 100kg of it….. what can I say for that 🙂

  2. Very creative idea Sweta 🙂 I am gonna try it soon..need a solid perfume in my life 😀
    Will experiment with some new fragrances 🙂

  3. You do such awesome DIYS SHWETA. I am not sure i’d try this one but you made it sound fantastic.:) loved the pics and how well the final product turned out to be. Good job! 🙂

  4. vow this is so simple.. its surely worth a try bt i need to purchase the oils now.. can it be made using any fragrant oil… m thinking of lavender???
    awesome DIY n well explained Sweta

    1. Thanks Natasha,
      yes it can be made using fragrant oil, only thing is essential oil gives stronger fregrence and does not make the soilid perfume very oily. so if its a light wright strong smll fregrent oil or perfume oil then it should work 🙂
      also levender solid perfume will work as antifungal too, as levender has such property.

  5. Hi Sweta, just now saw your posting and you are right–the bees wax worked alot better than petroleum jelly. I gave it a try with both using fragrant oils like designer pefumes.
    I live in Thailand so bees wax isn’t difficult for me to find fortunately. 🙂

    Thanks again!!

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