10 Beauty Mistakes We Make in a Hurry

It’s always better to avoid doing elaborate makeup when you are in a hurry. When you are running short of time, chances are high that you may end up looking like a mess instead of the glam diva you intend to look.  Today, I am going to tell you some beauty mistakes that we commit when we are in a hurry. If you take a little care and give a little more time, you can avoid such beauty “faux pas’.” Let’s take a look at them:

1. Lipstick stains on teeth:  A lot of women consider it embarrassing if someone points out lipstick stains on their teeth. Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, we might just swipe on the lipstick without checking it in the mirror and in the process end up staining the front teeth. One should always apply the lipstick or for that matter any makeup product before a mirror – lipstick bleeding and coming off the lip line looks equally bad.

Some Beauty Mistakes We Make in a Hurry

2. Not allowing moisturizer to sink in before applying foundation: I have always noticed that whenever I am in a hurry, I just slather on some moisturizer and then quickly apply foundation before letting the moisturizer to settle into the skin.  Such a practice leads to blotchy and uneven application and gives you that “made up” and cakey look.

3. Not applying foundation on the neck:  When you do not have too much time on your hands, you might just skip applying the foundation on your neck. This again is a big no-no, spend some time to blend the foundation on the neck too, otherwise, the uneven tone and complexion may stand out.

Some Beauty Mistakes We Make in a Hurry

4. Applying perfume after dressing up: Hmmm, this is a mistake that I so often commit.  When you are running short of time, the last thing on your mind would be to spray on the perfume.  You might do it while rushing out or in the car.  This habit not only stains your clothes, the perfumes also do not stay longer. Remember to spritz on your favorite perfume before dressing up.

Some Beauty Mistakes We Make in a Hurry

5.  Tying up hair before it dries out:  This is also a mistake that I am so guilty of.  You might have already wasted a lot of time shampooing-conditioning your hair in the shower, that there might be little time left to use the blow dryer.  I end up tying the hair in a pony or grasping it all in a clutcher.  This way, the hair remains damp even at the end of the day and I usually end up with headaches.  Also, hair that’s wet is more prone to damage and breakage, so it’s best to let your hair loose when they are wet or damp.

6.  Applying eyeliner unevenly:  Why to even go through the whole process if you are getting late.  Better skip lining the eyes than end up with shabbily drawn lines on your eyelids.

7.  Applying nail polish at the last moment:  Chipped nails look bad, but they cannot look worse than badly painted nails that have been applied in a hurry.  If you have chipped nails, run the nail polish removing pads over them and go out with bare nails.

8.  Clumpy lashes:  Since you would be in a hurry, you would just keep coating the eyes with mascara before the previous coat dries out.  Doing this would give you clumpy, spider lashes that look really bad.  Give enough time between coats; meanwhile you can apply lipstick or lip balm between the coats.

Some Beauty Mistakes We Make in a Hurry

9.  Wearing eyeshadow without a primer:  To save time, you might just skip priming your eyes before applying the eyeshadow. That’s a mistake because your eyeshadow would crease in a short time and all your effort could go waste.  Priming the eyes takes only a few moments, do not skip it.

10.  Not blending in makeup products properly:  Do not forget to blend out the makeup products you have used, chances are that you might end up looking like a clown with “un-blended” foundation, blush, eyeshadows, etc.  If you are doing it, do it properly.

These are some tips that I could think of, what are the beauty mistakes that you commit when you are in a hurry, do mention in the comments 🙂

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