Sonakshi Sinha at FHM Anniversary Celebrations

Sonakshi Sinha at FHM Anniversary Celebrations

I like the idea of pairing red lipstick with a red lace dress. But i felt that the overall look was quite okayish..may be better shoes… or clutch Don’t know but something feels missing.

Lipstick Recommendation : MAC Chilli

What do you think?


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27 thoughts on “Sonakshi Sinha at FHM Anniversary Celebrations

    1. he he….even i think so aruna. Smhow she never seemed tht impressive or say beautiful to me. Don’t like her dressing sense also. yahanpe the black clutch n shoes look so very odd with the dress n make up. :specs: :specs:

      1. :hihi: :hihi: the closest i came to liking her was in that ‘Tere mast mast do nain’ song and that too in the mahashtrian saree in front of God.

  1. Rati

    I always wonder how you immediately recognize Lipstick shades, blushers et al. soooooooo accurately displayed by celebs ?:)

  2. i like her pic on the cover more ..i honestly dont like her at all..she sometime looks quite man-ly :yuck: in this pic i didnt like her much apart from from her face makeup which also is okaish..her dress is not that good..her shoes and clutch seems old and used.. :yuck: :yuck: especially the clutch..who carries such a cluthc in today’s times..infact i wouldnt even call it a clutch :tongue:

  3. clutch could have been better than this! may b wid red n silver work…n her shoes too!
    n had thr been a beautiful pair of long earrings she wud hav looked much more stunning :scream:

  4. I think she looks more beautiful on coverpage…..dress is nt much stylish and shoes and clutch goes odd with dress, however i like her makeup…

  5. how can she war such a horrible look… ewww :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: dress… clutch and shoesss horrible..
    She is looking so sensuous on the magazine cover.. :woot: :woot:

  6. She looks so naice on the magazine cover! :preen: But her outfit is horrendous. 😐 Her clutch looks like it belongs to another era,and her shoes could have been nicer. :methinks: And is it just me,or does that dress REALLY resemble a negligee? :nonono: :nono: :shame:
    The only thing I liked here is the makeup. :makeup:

  7. Good lord! Every time I see this fat cow, I nearly pop a blood vessel. :scream: Bloody idiot. She looks like a freakin’ aunty, man! :sick: And who the hell told her she could act? 😮 And what’s with that dress? Cut out the sleeves and she can wear it on her wedding night as a rather un-sexy lingerie (thereby successfully turning the husband off for the next 20 years). :silly: Don’t even get me started on the shoes. Peeptoes can be so sexy but she has the unhappy knack of turning them into a dadi-ma shoes too. :spank: Oh, and the clutch. Yuck. :yuck: If I’d been seen carrying such a third rate clutch, I’d promptly shoot myself in the mouth the next day itself with shame. Her only redeeming factor is the make-up but that’s something she’d have to excel at considering she has such a horrible style sense. I like her magazine cover look and I am going to shake the photographer’s hand for that. He must be REALLY talented to actually make her pictures look nice. :jaiho:
    LOL. Just realised that I sound very bitchy but what can I say. She just brings out the meanness in me. :daayan: :phoolan:

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