Sonam Kapoor in Saree

Sonam Kapoor in Saree

Sonam Kapoor has an unusual sense of fashion which is highly raved about and her style and dressing sense has earned her the title of “fashionista.”  Sonam Kapoor always tries to dress in a way which would keep her fashionista flag hoisting high.  If you take into account her appearances at Cannes or at the local fashion shows, or even at the KBC show, she has put in effort and lot of thinking into her outfits and overall appearance.  Last year, when she had appeared with an overtly tanned face, many of us thought it was bad makeup, but I thought it was “planned.”  Sonam Kapoor is into collecting vintage clothes too.  It seems her dad, Anil Kapoor is very amused why she should spend money on old clothes when she can buy new ones!

Today, I would like to draw attention to Sonam Kapoor’s appearances in sarees.  She looks very pretty in sarees.  Her body frame carries sarees with the same grace when she wears vintage clothes.  Let’s take a look at few of Sonam Kapoor’s choices in sarees:

Sonam Kapoor walked the ramp for designer Manish Malhotra in a beautiful chiffon saree in turquoise green (?).  She accessorized her saree with lot of pearls and wore antique gold bangles.  This is according to me the best Sonam Kapoor has ever dressed, the color of the saree is so damn good!

Sonam Kapoor in Saree

Sonam Kapoor endorses designer Masaba to an extent and was seen last year in the designer’s in a white saree with big black dots and a full-sleeved blouse.

Sonam Kapoor in Saree

She appeared in a printed “skirt” and the part of the saree that went off to her shoulder was in grey net. This particular saree suits Sonam’s quirky dressing style, but I am not much impressed!


Sonam attended the wedding of actor Sameer Dattani in a bright yellow tissue (?) saree with pink border.


Sonam Kapoor attended the Hello Classic Racing Event in an oxidized orange saree with white border and matching white bouse. Her backless blouse drew all attention!

Sonam Kapoor in saree

Sonam Kapoor in saree

Her unusual dressing style came to the fore again at the launch of the “Wassup” festival. She came in a turquoise green saree with a printed white blouse and her hairstyle was ummmm…good!

Sonam Kapoor in Saree

Here, Sonam Kapoor looks very elegant in a white net saree with chic hairstyle, love this look of hers.

Sonam Kapoor in white saree

Sonam Kapoor looked gorgeous in a red saree with black border at the L’Oreal Paris Women’s Awards. Her blouse was sort of an armour design and she rocked the look!

Sonam Kapoor

During an appearance at a reality show, she wore an half saree.

Sonam Kapoor in saree

I have reserved my favourite look for the last. Sonam Kapoor had received a special invitation for the Elie Saab Haute Couture Show in Paris. She was looking so drop-dead-gorgeous in the light pink and pearsl saree and it was with this look that I finally agreed that she indeed was a fashionista.

Sonam kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam kapoor in Saree

Great way to go Sonam, we want to see you more in sarees because you add a lot of dimension to the ethnic wear and give it a new look each time your wear it.

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25 thoughts on “Sonam Kapoor in Saree

  1. i think i loved her in each and every look. guess my fav is also the first one. :)) jomo the 5th saree , green one is also by masaba 🙂 great post !! :))

  2. This is only lady who rocks the vintage look. IMO she looks best in retro styles; these almost lend her an oldworld charm..

  3. The first look is beautifuuuuul.. Can anyone tell me how to get the hairstyle she has? In the first look.. Please! I wanna try it :):):)

  4. First Saree is the best!! And I liked the red n black one too 🙂
    She does have such an amazing sense of fashion though it goes wrong many times.. But I wonder what happened to her at Cannes? Not even 1 look was good!!

  5. i dnt like sonam kapoor personally….bt she is one of the best dressers in our bollywd…no doubt….i like the saree of yellow tissue fabric ….its simple yet stylish…all others are looking either mature on her or too made up…the 2nd pic is just too hilarious…looking like she ws trying to wear a lil black dress bt ended up wearing black saree…lol… :p….

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