Sonia G. Face One Brush Review

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I have been a bit #MIA because of personal issues. So, this whole set of reviews which I have planned for you has been going to the back burner time and again. I hope I am able to pick this entire lot of products from the back burner and do a constant slew of reviews for you. Sometime back, I think Team IMBB had posted a question about what would people want reviewed on IMBB and someone had categorically asked for more brush reviews, specifically higher-end brush reviews. I have done a few brush reviews in the past, but have a whole lot more to share. I had wanted to do these for a while now but colour makeup always took precedence! I am trying to change that. Going forth, you will see a slew of high-end brush reviews on IMBB.

Sonia G Face One Brush

Just a couple of point to note:

  • These brushes have been added into my stash over a couple of years – if not more. So, even if you like some of the brushes – understand that you don’t need to go out and buy them in one go. Build up your collection over time.
  • Remember that brushes – like any other tool – are an investment. So, while they may cost a certain amount – they can last you a lifetime if taken good care of.
  • I have seen my preference in brushes changing over time – depending on my application method. I prefer different shape, material, style to what I used to prefer maybe 2 years back.
  • Just because one brush works really well for me does not necessarily equate to the brush working really well for you. A lot will depend on the style of application, the type and quality of products which one is using to apply with these brushes.

Keeping this points in mind, I will try to ensure that I do justice to the product as well as share my thoughts regarding my preferred style of application and what products I use it for.

Today’s review is on another brush from Sonia G. I had introduced this brand last week on IMBB when I reviewed the “Sculpt Three Brush” for you.

Product Description:
Buff mineral powders into the skin with a second-skin finish, thanks to this handcrafted powder brush from Sonia G. About Face One: Designed by beauty blogger and makeup brush expert Sonia G. for mineral powder foundations, Face One is a fluffy powder brush with velvety natural bristles. Face One features the perfect size, shape, grip, and density for blending powders of all types to a smooth, poreless finish without disturbing makeup underneath.
“This was the very first brush I wanted to work on. Finding the perfect combination of density, softness, and material was so important.” — Sonia G.

Why It’s Special: Buff mineral foundations, finishing and setting powders, and even sheer bronzers into the skin with a natural finish—Face One makes fast, flawless powder application easier than ever. Each brush is handbound by master artisans in Japan using traditional brush-making techniques for unparalleled performance and craftsmanship. The sturdy handle is made from dense, sustainably harvested maple wood and coated with four layers of pigment and lacquer for a rich, dimensional finish

How To Use:
Swirl product with the tip of the brush and tap off any excess. Apply and blend using circular motions. Other Details: Hair type: Dyed saikoho goat. For use with powder products.
UDS 75 (Exclusive to Beautylish).

My Experience with Sonia G. Face One Brush:

The brush came in a cellophane sheet with a separate sheath protecting just the brush head. Simple packaging, no fan fare.

Sonia G Face One Brush bristle hair

Sonia G, initially launched about 6 brushes – as a set. About a month later, they were also available for purchase individually. After the lapse of some more time, she launched a handful of new brushes – individually. As per Sonia – the original set of brushes worked well as a set. Whereas, the new releases were on a need to incorporate basis. So, you buy the brush which works for you and your style of application.

This new collection had the “Face One” brush. The moment I saw it, my first thought was, okay don’t need that for sure! Unfortunately (for my wallet), I saw a couple of reviews which convinced me that I NEEDED this brush! And I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Hair Type: Goat hair but Saikoho goat hair, which is one of the softest, most delicate goat hair and come from the chest/neck of the goat. This makes the brush super soft on the skin and yet have tenacity (because it’s goat hair).

Sonia G Face One Brush bristles

Hair Colour: Dyed Hair. This ensures that apart from being aesthetically appealing, brush picks up product more efficiently.

To be used with: For use with powder products. This may be because the brush hair are dyed and may bleed if used with cream/liquid products.

Shape: The brush has a round ferrule – fanning out in a circle. It does not taper at all. At first glance, it may look like any other stippling type of brush; however, its genius lays in application. The brush handle is much thicker than the other face brushes in her collection.

Sonia G Face One Brush full

Purpose: For application of powder on face – allowing you to buff the powder in without moving the foundation underneath. The shape of the brush is unlike most other powder brushes in the market. As per Sonia – while all her brushes are exclusive, this was the first one she wanted to design because as per her, there wasn’t a brush which fit this purpose (please note – not shape, but purpose) in her collection of over 2000 brushes. She wanted something that could ensure the application was flawless and had to devise the brush shape from scratch. So, the length, the size, the grip, the density had to be just right.

Sonia G Face One Brush handle

Sonia G Face One Brush head

Application: The flared brush handle allows one to pick up just the right amount of product, which can be stippled onto the face before buffing it in. The dense hair and the grip of the handle ensure it makes a meal out of the buffing process; while the airiness of the top of the head ensures that the product is applied without the foundation moving. It is an absolute delight to use and has made me a huge convert into the whole buffing cult. I have used loose setting and finishing powders and pressed finishing powder with it. In each scenario, it picked up the product very well and deposited it seamlessly. I am in Love!

Pros of Sonia G. Face One Brush:

  • Well made, balanced brush.
  • Natural Saikoho hair.
  • Extremely effective for its identified job.
  • Did not shed on washing.
  • Quite a workhorse.
  • Gives a controlled application.
  • Extremely soft bristles.
  • Long handle.

Cons of Sonia G. Face One Brush:

  • Nothing at all.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend Sonia G. Face One Brush?
This is probably my most favourite brush from Sonia G’s collection. It is a delight to work with. I use it to apply my loose setting powder and to apply a finishing powder as a last step of makeup, buffing it in with this brush so that the application of all the existing products (foundation, blush, contour, highlight) looks seamlessly blended. I think it is an excellent tool for someone like me who finds powder products a necessary evil, thanks to my oily to combo skin type – I need to use powders to set my makeup, to keep oil in check while ensuring they don’t look caked on. However, I do not feel their use exclusive to someone with oily skin. I feel, someone with dry skin would also benefit deeply from it because the brush would help buff a finishing powder without micro-exfoliating your skin during application. This one is truly a joy to work with! I do recommend absolutely.

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