Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush Review

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush Review


Directions For Use:

Dip brush in creme product and apply where needed.


Can be used with creme shadows as well!


6 USD.

My Take on Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush:

For many years now, MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer has been my HG concealer. If there is any one make-up product that I cannot live without, it is concealer. I really need to conceal a lot on my face. Given that, it is but understandable that I also pay attention to how I apply that concealer to my face to get the best results.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Brush 1

For a long time, I had been using a brush from an Estee Lauder brush set (that was a part of a large make-up set that I had once purchased) as my concealer brush. It was soft and pliable and it did an okay job with concealer application. Definitely not the best I could get, but as long as it was around, I was using it. It’s still around, of course, but I am so glad that I have started using Sonia Kashuk’s Synthetic Concealer Brush instead. I am no expert on make-up brushes, but I shall still go ahead and share with you my experience of this concealer brush.

This brush is made with synthetic nylon and it is designed specifically for cream-based products. MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer, which is what I use this brush with, is a cream concealer.

Synthetic brushes are good for cream based and liquid based products, as they don’t absorb any of the product and allow the most to be applied on the skin. The shape, density and contours of this brush are ideal. I find that it works superbly well when concealing dark under eye circles, redness, blemishes etc. It also does a good job of blending the concealer into the skin to deliver a more even and flawless finish.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Brush 2

For the price at which this brush is available, I definitely think that this is worth a shot. Especially if you use creamy concealers. Of course, it doubles up just as wonderfully as an eyeshadow brush. Creamy products work the best with this one.

This brush is not available in India yet. None of the Sonia Kashuk products are available here yet, but I hope that they will arrive here soon.

Sonia Kashuk Concealer Brush 4

Pros of Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush:

  • Delivers effective and even application of concealer.
  • It is a smooth brush that is gentle on the skin.
  • Shape and density of the brush is ideal for concealer application.
  • Can double up as an eyeshadow brush.
  • Available at a great price.

Cons of Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush:

Perhaps it’s because I’m no expert on brushes, but I don’t seem to have any complaints against this brush. It’s a pretty good product at a very good price.

My Verdict on Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush:

I really like this brush and it works excellently with my cream concealer. The shape, density and application are superb. It is a great buy! Don’t miss it, especially if you use a lot of cream based products.

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9 thoughts on “Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Concealer Brush Review

  1. somehow i like to pat the concealer under the eyes and on blemishes with my clean finger coz that way it works more effectively… sonia kashuk is a bit pricey fr drugstore bt some of her products are really good esp her eyeshadows…well yes i hope sonia kashuk is avaiable in India soon… good review Richa 🙂

  2. i rarely ever use a concealer brush for my under eyes. I have two concealer brushes that use as lip bushes. the flat shape of the concealer brush gives a superb lip application. 😛 Lovely review. the brush looks pretty good. :))

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