Spa Treatment at Home

Rejuvenate Yourself:  Spa Treatment at Home

We all need to be pampered once in a while. Everyone deserves a break especially now that festive season is round the corner. My mom has gone into a crazy mode of home cleaning and shopping. All this really gets tiring and I think of spa treatments or a trip to beauty salon for some rejuvenating and refreshing facial treatments. But that never happens. I tend to make plans at the last moments and life disposes most of my plans ..hehehehe… its always because of two factors- Time and Money. Sometimes I just don’t get appointment which suits to my time schedule and sometimes spa fee is too costly for my budget.. hehe.. since I end up spending my money on other things.  🙂

spa at home
spa at home

At such times, a quick spa treatment at home proves to be handy. You can relax at your home and do not have to spend big bucks at spa. You can create your own aroma-therapy treatments, nail treatments or glowing skin treatments right at home.

So let’s see – what can we do to create the perfect ambience to relax our tormented souls… hahaha melodrama I know !!


Declutter your bathtub or bath area and get it ready. Keep a comfortable soft fluffy towel near your bath for later use.


If you really want to copy a spa sensation, light up some aroma (scented) candles to create that perfect ambience.  Arrange easy and soothing music to relax you. This reminds me of my sister’s newly renovated bathroom which has a waterfall jungle theme to it.. Her bath place is a waterfall which has wild lily creepers hanging from the waterfall; she also has speakers wired up in her bathroom so that she can listen to music while having a shower … simply heavenly. Well; anyways . .!!  Place a bathrobe near the bath and don’t forget your comfy fluffy slippers.

adorn your bath space
adorn your bath space


Now according to whichever treatment get your things ready. For example if u want to make your dead skin peel off, prepare pumice, aroma therapy lotion, Epsom salt and aroma therapy body oil.

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Make sure you have enough time roughly about 20 minutes at least for spa time.  Place Epsom salts a couple of spoon and a few aroma therapy lotions to the bathtub. Switch on your hot water and let a lot of steam fill up your bath area, this will diffuse the aroma in whole area while filling up the bathtub. Light up your aroma therapy candles. Open your arranged easy listening music to relax. Take off your cloth and get into the bathtub. Grab pumice and scrub your skin. Relax by your song and aroma therapy candles. Gentle massage your body by aroma therapy lotion. Then apply moisturizer over your body. And clean out by water. When you feel you are relax and ready to climb up from the bathtub then slide into your comfortable slippers and dressing gown.  🙂 This is really heavenly !!!

Okies, once you get the hang of it, you can try out different treatements.. Here are some quick spa treatments you can try at home 🙂

Honey Soft Skin:

honey for skin
honey for skin

We all know that daily application of body lotion and exfoliation are the key to soft skin. This exfoliation treatment is both an exfoliant and a moisturizer treatment.

You Will Need

½ cup of brown sugar
¼ cup of honey
Add some essential oil to make even better. My choice is lavender or ylang-ylang.

Mix all the ingredients. Scrub over body during shower time. Use one of the loofah if you have one. Also use more on rough areas such as heels and elbows and cellulite prone areas. Wash away with water. Your skin will glow naturally and you will really feel the soft skin.

Aromatherapy Bath

Aromatherapy baths are great to relax or uplift our senses. They also have therapeutic uses such as relaxing the muscles after a tiring workout depending on the essential oils used. You can purchase a synergistic mix of essential oils or make your own.

Lavender- this I love and its most commonly used one – it has a relaxing effect
Citric aromas – like tangerine, orange etc purify and uplifts your mood.
Roses, jasmine, ylang-ylang are considered aphrodisiacs.

For a Relaxing Bath:
5 drops of lavender essential oil
3 drops of chamomile essential oil
5 drops of lemon oil

For Aphrodisiac aromatherapy:
5 drops sandalwood
5 drops lavender
5 drops rose
Make sure you put oils in water and they get dispersed. Try to close all windows and door to retain the aroma in the bath area. Soak yourself and relax. 

Salt Therapy

Try this simple and effective treatment once or twice a week and you will feel the difference on your skin. I simply adore having bath with bath salts – I have a tiny winy box of it from forest essentials and I m absolutely greedy in using this. Hehehehe

relaxing spa at home
relaxing spa at home

You Will Need

1/2 cup of salt, preferably sea salt or bath salt if u have any.
1/2 cup of vegetable oil. Almond oil will be great.
1 tablespoon of lime juice or 15 drops of essential oil. Use your favorite essential oil.
3 tablespoons of coconut oil for extra moisture. (You can skip this if u want to)

Apply during the shower on wet skin. You can use your hands or a loofah to scrub all over your body.

Avoid any cuts or delicate areas. Remember do not put salt in a cut. Do not exfoliate if your skin is irritated for any reason including sun burn.

Be careful not to fall down due to slippery floors.

Follow with body lotion, if you think you need it. Eliminate the residues with water. Apply your favorite body oil or lotion if needed. Your skin will feel a little oily if you use thick oil; otherwise, it will feel soft.


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