10 Spices that Boost the Weight Loss Process

There’s a lot of research on how herbs and spices can boost the whole weight loss process by accelerating metabolism and increasing thermogenesis in the body. And the best thing is that they can be made part of everyday diet and cooking without any side effects. These herbs and spices are easily available, plus they are inexpensive too, but let us make this very clear, only the right kind of weight loss diet, for example those on the Rati Beauty app, and regular exercise would lead to successful weight loss, whereas certain factors such as including these spices can boost the whole process. So, let’s see the list of spices that actually increase metabolism and help to torch calories:

Spices that Boost the Weight Loss Process

1. Cinnamon: No natural ingredient stabilizes blood sugar levels like cinnamon. Since it suppresses your appetite too, you feel full for longer and do not over-eat or hog unnecessarily. To consume this wonder spice, sprinkle it over anything and everything you like. It goes best with your coffee, oats, and smoothies.

2. Ginger: Ginger tea is yum because it is refreshing and cleanses the system too. Yes, ginger has the ability to remove toxins from your body and to clean your digestive system. This reduces bloating and prevents further weight gain too. Add freshly grated sugar to your food and beverages and enjoy faster metabolism too.

3. Cardamom is sweet and adds an awesome aroma to everything from tea to biryani. But, did you know this small wonder can make you lose weight too? Yes, it does so by improving your digestion and promoting your metabolism. The queen of spices, cardamom, can be used in teas and smoothies. You can also keep chewing on it throughout the day for best results.

4. Ginseng: This root also offers amazing effects. It maintain the balance in your body and boosts energy as well as vitality. Ginseng is also beneficial for people who become hungry too often. Apart from keeping you healthy, it rejuvenates and revitalises your mood too. You can consume this root in various forms such as tablet, powder, and slices.

5. Turmeric: Turmeric is more than just a natural colorant. It controls the growth of fat tissues in your body. Thus, it lowers total fat percentage and prevents weight gain. Turmeric is also available in various forms these days ranging from powder to supplements; you can choose whatever you like. Or, simple add it to your morning detox drink for a super fast metabolism.

6. Black Pepper: This spice is famous for its warmth and taste. Black pepper works great to manage fat in your body. It slowly melts your fat while preventing further deposition of fat cells. Just find an excuse to add it to all your meals and see results in a few months.

7. Cayenne Pepper: Beware! This spice is, well, super spicy! This spice is known for its fat burning properties and I love it for that. It can easily heat up your body and speed up your metabolism. Also, with this pepper in food, you cannot afford to over eat. In fact, your taste buds will get satiated sooner. Season your food with this pepper and also add it to your detox smoothies for more benefits.

8. Cumin: A compound called as thymoquinone in cumin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that flushes out toxins and neutralizes free radicals. Cumin also improves digestion and boosts metabolism to burn more calories.

9. Fennel: With its high fiber content, fennels keeps you full for longer and improves gut health as well. Fennel seeds help with digestion and boost metabolism as well.

10. Mustard: Those spluttering mustard seeds in your curry would help boost metabolism, increase thermogenesis with its capsaicin content, and help burn more calories. It does a help a great deal that Indian cooking is incomplete without the strong flavour of mustard seeds.

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