Spinz Black Magic Perfume Deodorant Spray Review

Spinz Black Magic Perfume Deodorant Spray Review

This is going to be a review on one of my favorite deodorant spays which is by Spinz and is called the Black Magic perfume deodorant.  Spinz is known for its nice floral fragrances and I have used many of them during high school years. I picked this in the local supermarket because it smelled so good, I sprayed the tester like 2-3 times just because I wanted to keep smelling it 😛


Product Description:

Deep and the dark, the cavernous crevice carved out of black rock hides the secrets of many a man. She is the witch who is the keeper of the cave, her smoky eyes a reflection of all those secrets. For the woman who is mysterious and magical, Spinz presents Black Magic Deo Spray, the fragrance of a million mystical memories. The mass premium imparts a charm to the woman and hugs her irresistible curves with a will of its own. The deodorant spray comes in a black flacon with grey and orange accents that highlight the mysticism that surrounds it. Delve into the secrets of life an plunge headfirst into the deepest pit of fragrance with Spinz Black Magic Deo Spray.


Ethyl alcohol (95% v/v) 45% w/w, butane, isobutane, propane, perfume, diethylphthalate 1% w/w, prophylene glycol, triclosan.


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150/- INR for a 150 ml bottle.

Deodorant Spray 2

My Experience with Spinz Black Magic Perfume Deodorant Spray:

It comes in a regular cylindrical deodorant tin bottle with a spray top. The spray top is black and has a matte finish, which looks really classy. The spray quality is pretty good and does not give many hitches. Speaking of the staying power, oh my God! This is the most long-lasting deodorant that I have ever used. I wear this deo in the morning and I can still smell it in the evening, I mean this at least stays on me for 10 complete hours!!

Deodorant Spray 3

It smells strongly musky with lots of soft coco. I don’t know if I am making sense here, but the smell is really bold and dense. I will say it smells really warm and is really good for occasions like you know, when you want to go chill out in a coffee house.

Deodorant Spray 4

Overall, I find that this is a really wearable smell and its really unique from the other scents from Spinz.  The next time you go shopping, do pick this and smell it, I am positive that you will like it 🙂

Deodorant Spray 5

Pros of Spinz Black Magic Perfume Deodorant Spray:

  • Pretty and decent packaging.
  • Good quality spray.
  • Wonderful, strong musky smell.
  • Really long lasting.
  • You do not need to spray a lot, even the regular amount of spray on you is going to last for a long time.
  • It has triclosan, which is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compound; I guess this is the reason why it keeps you smelling good for a very long time.
  • Really inexpensive.
  • Widely available.

Cons of Spinz Black Magic Perfume Deodorant Spray:

  • The smell may a little too strong for some people.
  • Triclosan can cause allergy on certain skin types although is it extremely rare, and it didn’t cause any reaction on my sensitive skin.

Will I Repurchase Spinz Black Magic Perfume Deodorant Spray?

Yes, I guess I will as I really like the fragrance and the staying power 🙂

IMBB Rating:


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15 thoughts on “Spinz Black Magic Perfume Deodorant Spray Review

    1. I have used the exotic one, and it smells like a flower garden, I love it *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  1. Wow to the lasting power *clap* i have never tried spinz deos… *nababana* but now i really wanna try them *happydance* *happydance*

  2. It stays on for around 10 hours !! *woot* I have to try this…this will be my first purchase from the brand. *pompom* *hifive*

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