Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray-Hypnotty

Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray-Hypnotty


Hello Ladies!

After all the worthwhile reviews on this range of deodorant  sprays, I finally picked them up from Big Bazaar at EA here in Chennai. They had a huge display there and what I saw there was these two new variants in Hypnotty and Rejuve, which I am sure not many of us might have seen or used. These look and feel new, with all the bright colorful packaging as opposed to the white and color bottle they have. I think the spray pack was quite eye-catchy BOGO.

spinz deo spray hypnotty


Rs. 160 /150 ml

Hypnotty is a mesmerizing fruity floral fragrance while, Rejuve has a fresh citrus lime fragrance that is rejuvenating. Both these fragrance come with a 24-hour long lasting freshness promise hence reaffirm Spinz proposition of “Long Lasting Freshness”.

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One thing that would strike any one first about these deos is that they are very strong, in what ever fragrance they come, I mean the fragrance is so concentrated that it feels almost like a perfume and you might want to use it sparingly.By that I mean think of Eva deos, how light and diffused they feel once sprayed. But these deos are very concentrated and heavily perfumed, hence I like them because I would want my deo to stay on longer on me.

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Coming to the deo fragrance, this deo smells very soapy, as if you enter a bathroom post someone’s shower, it smells exactly like that 😛 I don’t know how else to explain it.You might find a sniff of citrus in it but let me tell you , it settles smelling like soap and detergent on me. Really! So much so that I thought that some detergent has been left behind on my clothes owing to my 4 year old washing machine, but then I realized it was my underarm that was smelling soapy and not the garment.

The fragrance is 5% citrus, 5 rosy and 90% soapy! It stays on and on for around 7 to 8 hours on me and I love this fact,I think this is the longest staying deo I must have ever used. I love how concentrated it is and hence it keeps underarms fresh for so long! 10/ 10 for that, of course you can pick your own fragrance, if you like soapy fragrances that last so long, then this is for you.

spinz deo spray hypnotty 4

I like the fresh long pack and the quantity is awesome as well, and the deo needs to be used quite less since it is so concentrated. I love citrus fragrances and hence (more on the other Rejuve version I picked up) It does not burn or darken underarm skin ad far as I have noticed. Try spraying from a minimum distance of 15 cm for the deo to work well and not burn. it is huge and it is not my first choice to be placed in my heavy hand bag but considering how long it lasts,I would actually love a travel size pack of this.

Last word:

If you like soapy/ detergent fragrances, then this is for you, it lasts really long and is very heavily fragrance.If you can choose the right deo from this range, then it can get addictive and you might never switch to another deo, for me this is too soapy hence, I will be picking up other versions 🙂

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  1. Goodmorning Neha..finally you laid your hands on these ..hehehe.. me love this range :-)..yes you have said it rightly..they are addictive !!

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