Spinz Perfumed Deo Hip Hop Review

Spinz Perfumed Deo- Hip Hop

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Hope you are all fine. So I am here again to review a perfumed deodorant from Spinz. Even though its winter, I think we still need a deodorant. Its helps us stay fresh throughout the whole day’s laborious work. Actually I bought two  deos both from Spinz. Since the other one Spinz Roll n Roll Perfumed deodorant is already review at IMBB, I am reviewing the Hip Hop version. Indeed both have a great fragrance.

spinz perfumed deo hip hop


Hip-Hop dance originated from the streets of New York. It is a fast, lively and energetic dance that sets a casual yet active mood. Now, new Spinz Hip-Hop deodorant comes with a sporty, long-lasting and active fragrance for those busy, active days. It also has Triclosan to fight odor-causing bacteria that keeps you fresh and active for long. Now, enjoy your active life non-stop with new Spinz Hip-Hop Deodorant


Rs. 160 Net wt 150ml


Two years.

spinz deo hip hop


 Ethyl Alcohol (95% v/v) 45% w/w, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Perfume, Diethylphthalate 1% W/W, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan

My Take on Spinz Hip Hop Deo:

I am religiously using these two deodorants from Spinz. The best part is that I got an Everyuth Lemon face wash free with both these two deodorants so my happiness is doubled. The very word ‘Free’ indeed thrills us girls!! Isn’t it? Anyways, I like the fresh smell and soothing flagrance of this deodorant. The lasting power is also quite impressive. I applied it in the morning while going out of my house and it lasted till afternoon when I sprayed some more. I liked the packaging a lot. It comes with a blue cap and a spray kind of outlet like any other deodorants. The sleek bottle can be carried in our bag which I do regularly. I like the way the smell of this deodorant keeps me bath-fresh whole day. It is also kind of affordable for college going girls. These are quite inexpensive and with that quantity even if used regularly, I am sure it will last for many months.

spinz deo hip hop 2

Now summing up the pros and cons of the product:


  • Affordable.
  • Long lasting fragrance.
  • Smells fresh , exotic and pleasant.
  • Can be carried regularly in our bag.
  • Comes with a free Everyouth Lemon Face Wash.


  • Too many chemical ingredients.
  • Not much can be mentioned as it is pretty satisfactory.


No, may be not this one but I am quite eager to try the other variants. As such a price we can experiment a lot.


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6 thoughts on “Spinz Perfumed Deo Hip Hop Review

  1. nice review Ishani 🙂 I have used almost all the deos from Spinz.. I like their mild fragrance which lingers on for quiet a long time..

  2. Hey Ishani only today I am wearing this and thought it was nice and have to do a review!!!!!!!!! You have beat me to it! Nice deo though!

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