Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ― Percy Bysshe Shelley

What… Spring trends already?!? I know right! Well, although we still insist on enjoying the remnants of the cold season, one can’t help but notice our favourite monthly glossies bringing up the subject of what’s going to trend this Spring 2015.

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

I guess it’s their way of saying ‘Ok ladies, you rocked the winters and before you are left despondent at its departure, here’s what to look forward to’. It’s almost like a waiter clearing your plate of food before you’ve even finished it. Anyhow, why not peek into what we can stock up and be prepared for the first season of the year…no harm right!

Having said that, do we all follow fashion trends to a T? Er…I don’t! But, I do like to know what’s going on and try my bit of fitting in with whatever suits me. For me and a whole bunch of you, winters will last till the end of February or may even trickle into early March, but have you noticed the transition in the weather?

Till a couple of days ago, I needed to sleep with my hot water bottle engulfed in my arms and now, I don’t. Although still cold, one can feel our parched skins relaxing a wee bit and dry heels starting to behave themselves. So my friends, enjoy every bit of this season while it lasts, for soon the sweaters, the boots and the jackets need to go into hibernation, honourably giving the right of passage to the joyous spring fabrics. But relax; you still have time (this I tell myself as I’m not yet done with winter)!

Just as we seek life predictions from our reliable astrologers as to what to expect, we also rely on the fashion biggies on what to anticipate in terms of upcoming makeup, fashion and beauty trends. Who knows, we may also start our own and why not eh!

After rummaging through many magazines, articles and other such periodicals, here’s a gist of what Spring 2015 beholds in terms of Makeup and Hair and a whole lot of the styles that caught my eye.


1. Winged Cat Eyes

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

The eyes seem to have been talked about a lot and to start with, I will mention the winged liner or cat eyed look. Not new to us, as we Indians love those Sharmila Tagore-inspired winged eyes. Didn’t she rock the fishtail eye liner back in the day? Well it’s back!

Whether it’s a fishtail or a simply exaggerated winged out eye, this is one look to master with pizzazz this spring. Liquid eye liners or pencils, you can go crazy with what you can achieve and it’s not restricted to the normal flicked liner but, as imaginative as you can get.

Some of the designers who swear by it for next season are: Oscar De La Renta, Emilio Pucci, Celine, Prada amongst many.

2. Sultry Blazing Lips

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

For those who still love their flaming and fiery lipsticks, good news! There will still be a lot of bright hued lips prevalent in spring from rich berrys to burning oranges to passionate reds to fuchsias but, without outlined definition.

Bright shades will rule the lips but, will be mellow around the edges to give off a deep stained look. Don’t believe me? Well check with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Zac Posen, Burberry, and Carolina Herrera.

Lips with high impact are definitely going to be a spring statement. Ace makeup artist Lucia Pieroni suggests achieving this look by using fingers or blotting highly saturated lips with paper or tissue so the outline is diffused and soft. Harsh lines are out!

3. Brown eyes

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Browns have been making their way into a lot of makeup looks either by some subtle contouring or going bold but, it seems to be going big this spring by showing off its versatility on the eyes.

Be it soft taupes and beiges sweeping the eyelids or dominating chocolaty browns, it surely is taking the runway by storm. Giorgio Armani, Donna Karen, Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy and Gucci seem to highly think so.

4. Pop-Art Eye

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Amidst a rather nude canvas, a bright pop of colour on the eyes seems to be a look to watch out for. We’re not just talking about bright blues or greens but, yellows, acid oranges and mint coloured liners. This look gives the eyes a pop-art definition and really stands out whilst keeping the rest of the face bare minimum.

Some funky eyes were seen at shows by Max Mara, Peter Som, Christain Dior and Elie Saab. Top makeup artist Tom Pecheux helps us attain this kind of a style by suggesting we try different bright shades as he’s illustrated below by using a couple of MAC blue shades on the top and bottom of the eyes.

You could even stick to just one shade and be creative. Fendi uses leather coloured strips to stick on to the lids but I’m not sure that runway look would look good on me so I’ll stick to actual makeup.

5. The Barely There Look

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Talking of bare minimum, a totally barely-there look is said to be hot this spring which entails literally no makeup or hardly any. For those of us who don’t leave the house without makeup, this might seem ludicrous; but, makeup artists have used pinky nude lipsticks and blush to create this look.

Although, they claim not to even use mascara, I guess with the right techniques and shades you can achieve this au naturel style. If you want to skip mascara, then you can probably use some Vaseline or oil on your lashes to make them natural but bare, but I’m sure a teeny weeny bit of mascara won’t harm.

Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, Calvin Klein, Chloe and Chanel etc. are religiously adhering to this look and claim that “come-as-you-are skin” is going to be in. Saves time in getting ready too…whoopee!

6. Purple Eyes

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

This is one look I quite like as I love the colour purple and its variants of lavender, mauve etc. This particular look is achieved by using any shade of purple, dark or pale on the eye lids or lining the eyes but, with no other liner.

Again a versatile look to suit everyone as you can go subtle or dramatic. This is paired with nude lips to let the eyes do all the talking. Whilst designers like Derek Lam suggests lavenders, Vera Wang hints at bolder hues to accentuate the eyes. I think purple-y shades look awesome-licious with our Indian brown eyes.

7. Smokey Eyes

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Whilst we must be already donning smokey eyes this season, here’s a reason to rejoice. The look is not going anywhere next season but, designers like Chanel and Tom Ford suggest to go for more “slept-in” kind of charcoal eyes that look like you’ve been up the whole night partying away.

Sounds like this makeup is more for a grunge look but, when Chanel admits it can be carried off with formals too, you know it’s adaptable. Looks so smouldering and sultry too!

8. Bronzed Skin

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

The bronzers are going to be big too with sweeps of bronzer across the face for that sun-kissed look. Micheal Kors, Balmain and Ralph Lauren, for instance, are all in agreement that this just-back-from-a-tropical-holiday look is perfect for spring.


1. Negative-Space Manicures

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Hadn’t heard of this one before but apparently, it’s been around and has been seen on many spring fashion shows. The idea is to leave a bit of naked nail visible whilst the rest is coated with your favourite polish. How you do it can be totally up to you. Here are some examples:

2. Nudes

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Another all-time favourite of mine, and I’m glad this look is back. You can go from extreme pale pinks and peaches to beiges and nudes. Looks quite chic with any outfit and a drastic change from the audacious nail art we are sporting now a days. So, enjoy the metallics, reds and the dusky hues now, as nudes will soon take over.


1. Undone Hair

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

The au naturel, undone or almost coming undone hair style is a hot favourite in terms of spring style. It’s aimed at looking effortless and at ease. This look demands hair to be either air dried and left open with the use of some texturizing spray or air dried and loosely tied in an undone ponytail where half of the ponytail is tucked in the elastic and rest just hangs out.

This gives that dishevelled yet, sensual look which also looks cute and romantic with pretty dresses. Good for me as I barely blow dry my hair nowadays and good for hair too.

2. Bohemian Braids

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Braids have been predicted for spring in a large way. Either slick tight braids or the ones I love the most, which are the de-constructed braids that you can do either in the middle or the side of your head.

This is achieved easily by doing a normal or fishtail braid and then pulling it loosely apart. A lot of Bollywood stars sport this look too such as Dia Mirza etc. This is my go-to look on days when I have shapeless hair.

3. Low Pony

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

This is a more polished look and a lot of lowly tied ponytails have been sporting the spring runways for many designers. Although, it sounds pretty boring, you can do a simple middle pony, a side one or add extra elastic for a looped effect.

Katie Holmes sported this look at the Golden Globes awards earlier this year so looks like she may be one of the trend-setters. Whilst designers like Gucci prefer the glossy straight ponytails, Stella McCartney, for example, suggests the crimped haired pony.

I don’t own a crimper but, can be done by braiding your hair in a million braids and then, finger open them out.

4. Wet Look

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Hair that has that slick look, fresh out of the shower, is hot this spring. Not a favourite of mine as it looks as if I have oiled my hair and trust me, I would rather cover my head than be seen this way. But, if you can carry if off with the right outfit(androgynous, maybe), go for it girls ‘coz they say it’s in!

5. Hairpieces

Spring 2015 Makeup And Hair Trends

Now this is a look I love to the core! Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino et al propose wearing decorative hair accessories such as clips, ribbons, hair combs, hair bands and even flowers etc. to embellish your hair style, whatever that may be. The bolder the better!

Hope you enjoyed! There may be more spring looks that are going to lead the makeup and hair scene but, these were some of the hot favourites and most talked about. Not many of us can carry off exact runway looks but, they are mostly used as a trend guide to suit every day wear unless, of course, you’re a Sonam Kapoor who’s always gracing some event and can mimic runway looks to a T.

Watch this space for Spring 2015 fashion coming soon….

Au revoir!

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  2. Nice post Mimosa… Guess me too going along with the tide… Without even knowing the spring trends.. I hav been sporting the brown eyes, winged liner, sultry lips and low pony tail with nude/ bare nails… Just feeling this at the moment…. And so many designers feeling the same way… Hehehe

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