St Ives Apricot Whitening Scrub Review

St Ives Apricot Whitening Scrub Review

If any of you are in the market for a scrub, please hold back and look for St Ives whitening scrub. This is the by far the best scrub I have used in my life. St Ives always has amazing standard products to offer. I have been using this scrub for a while now and the effect is immediate, so to say. St Ives Apricot Scrub Price: Rs. 265/- when I bought it for 170 gram. (all skin types) What the product claims:

  • Only St Ives captures the secrets of naturally beautiful and healthy looking skin in this deep cleansing formula that gently exfoliates, removing dull, dead skin cells to instantly reveal smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin.
  • 85% natural derived ingredients
  • Formulas were dermatalogically tested
  • Promotes healthier- looking, glowing skin in just seven days

Apricot Scrub St Ives Features:

  • It comes in huge wide tube
  • The texture is very thick and creamy with enough scrub granules
  • It has a menthol and zandu balm kinda very strong fragrance to it. It is very relaxing surprisingly after you use it after a hard day
  • This scrub also has whitening properties. I don’t have any other scrub that claims whitening. So its an added advantage
  • This tube will last you for three months at least if you scrub twice a week
  • The quantity required is less than a 50 paise coin.
  • It spreads well all over the face.
  • Granules are big enough (comparable to everyuth regular scrub, not the mild one)
  • St Ives also has other variants without the whitening properties
  • The pack says its best before 12 months. More than enough!

St Ives Scrub Apricot

Ingredients I liked: main ingredients are water, walnut shell powder, corn kernel meal, salicylic acid (my fave for oily skin), lanolin oil, apricot kernel oil, chamomile flower extract, sunflower extract , nigra flower extract.

Usage: moisten face and neck. Gently massage onto skin. Rinse well, dry and apply moisturiser as usual. St Ives scrub can also be used on the body.(I use the remaining scrub on my hands and it really softens my hands too!)

After effects: This leaves my skin baby soft. I don’t know how but the texture of my skin feels totally different after I use it. No scrub never has ever left my skin this creamy.(close to (Review)  Lotus Herbals  Berry Scrub ) I find it great enough to use every day in spite of knowing scrubbing is meant to be done once a week. But people like me with oily skin will find it too refreshing and will be tempted to use it everyday. I make sure I use it the day I wear foundation and powder as the scrub will definitely unclog pores. It really leaves my skin whiter even after single use.i have also seen that my pores look more refined. Prolonged use will have its own benefits. St Ives Scrub

Downside: The only downside is that some of you may not like the menthol scent to it. I am not sure how to explain that but it does not have regular cosmetic fragrances that most scrubs have. But the effect will make you overlook this aspect. It can be considered aromatherapy while you use it. Apart from that I don’t see any other problem with this product.

Will I buy it again? Definitely. I have actually thought of buying this scrub only, in the future after I finish my other scrubs. If it is still in stock from where I bought it, I will definitely stock up more of these. The tube is so huge and hence worth every paise. I have no complaints and this product only helped strengthen my faith in this brand. I can blindly pick up any product by St Ives as I am sure the claims will hold true.(beware of duplicates. Buy it from MORE stores or any St Ives stands at your beauty store or dorabjees if you are in pune. I guess this is imported in India by Morrison, Mumbai, not sure but that’s the tag all my St Ives products hold. Local chemists do store duplicate products of such brands)

Rating: :star: :star::star::star::star:

What St Ives products have you used till now?

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58 thoughts on “St Ives Apricot Whitening Scrub Review

  1. I used to buy the regular one. Never noticed this before – I have seen a white tube but don’t know if it was the whitening one. Feel you can never go wrong with St. Ives…don’t know which one to buy, but St. Ives, but I got bored of it and these huge tubes…wowww…they last forever 🙂

    1. ha ha ya they do last
      but with my skin type i can never have enough scrubs
      true our indian scrubs have very cute small tubes…..with corresponding prices
      i like those too….

  2. Love you for the post Neha…

    This is one of my favourite brands..Initially for scrubs only and now, body lotions and bath cremes as well..

    Thank you of the review as I am yet to try the Whitening Scrub.

    1. ya after u said earlier i saw their body washes and stuff
      so tempting …poornima recommend something for me…like a smoothening body wash or one of ur faves….i have seen it in a medical closeby…i may pick up after u recommend

      1. Neha..

        I love all their stuff. Do try their Oatmeal Bath Cream..It smells yummy and is excellent in moisture retention on the skin, w/out making us feel oily 🙂

  3. you know comfort food? eating a hot bowl of noodles, reading a harry potter book. sipping hot chocolate and watching the rain outside. that’s how st. ives makes me feel. nice, warm and fuzzy.

    1. oh wow rima…that was such a beautiful thing to say….the weather here is just like that
      ideal for hot chocolate, noodles and a book to get cosy with…..
      u really made my day with this imagery…..
      whats ur fave st ives product?

      again, that was so beautiful what u just said generally

  4. I like St. Ives product very much and as you said, I do check up whether its an original or duplicate…on the backside, you can check out who has imported the product…so thats a major point….and as I mentioned earlier….St. Ives comes in huge packages, so the quantity is worth the price. BTW Neha, I didnt know that they had whitening scrubs too……my next pick…… 🙂 ….its good that you are bringing out and reviewing things which you are using, it helps a lot for choosing the correct product for people like me……..bring more things out of your closet Neha…… :-))

    1. ha ha
      jomol u wont believe i have so much to review but just afraid that u guys might get bored
      but if there is anything that u are out to buy ,,,,tell me as i may have some options for u to choose from….i really hoard….
      i am so gonna keep reviewing stuff…..really hope it helps

      1. Neha, we wont get bored at all….we all got excited after your lipstick collection. Since both of us have similar skin types, I am eager to know what all you use….and so would be so many others with oily skin…. 🙂

  5. wow neha wat a scrubbing review….u hv scrubbed away all d previous brands… 😀 Bt wondering where can i get this??? is this easily available at stores???? ?:-)

  6. I’ve been using this scrub too, and I find the effects to be pretty good. However, after discovering the Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish (Satsuma one isn’t as good!), I don’t want to ever use anything else for exfoliating my body. For my face, I find this a little harsh, but my skin does feel very soft after using it. Didn’t notice any whitening effects though 🙂

    1. oh ya?
      i shall pick the body shop one too
      my skin really feels clear after i use this
      and more over u need a small quantity…

  7. oh my!! so many of you love it and i have never picked it up?? Why??? ?:-)

    And I agree with Amritha, you have very pretty nails. 🙂

  8. oh.. m the only one who have never heard or seen St Ives Apricot Whitening Scrub … 🙁
    where can i get it in Delhi ??? HELP !!!!

    Thanks Neha for sharing such a lovely post !!

    1. oh thanks…yup it was new for me too
      so i made sure to look at the tag….should not be duplicate…and i picked it up from the st ives counter….but its so awsum

  9. I have always wanted to try St.Ives and I tend to pick it up whenever I visit H&G, but eventually I end up not getting it. Somehow I feel ST.Ives is only for those who have problem free skin. Dunno Y . But afte reading your revu want to get this scrub

      1. agree..oily skin is so full of problem..
        i realised it lately that i hav oily skin…
        any suggestions???
        and can u suggest me a good compact and foundation..
        fingers crossed to get a reply 🙂

  10. Can u help me in telling the price of st.ives whitening apricot scrub and from where this product can be purchased.

  11. Hey Divya….I have placed an order online, good website & rates are reasonable and they have various payment options as well & shipping is free hmmmm :jiggy2:
    Thanks for sharing the website ….waiting to experience the scurb

  12. hi thanx for the lovely post, actually where can i buy st.ives product in new delhi, original product,nt the fake ones, can you please email me the store name,mall n its location? Plis plis ?:)

  13. Hey farha! You can find it in any health and glow outlet 🙂
    neha i was tempted to buy this after reading this review.. And i have to tell you, i absolutely love it :haanji: i also use it on my tanned feet, now daily :D, and it feels like my skin is breathing 🙂 thanx so much 🙂

  14. sound amazing product….
    plez tell me whr i can get this product in delhi…
    also tell me ny product for dark underarms n inner thigs…
    m getting married this year…
    plez help me out….

  15. I swear, it is the one and only best scrub… This st. Ives is amazingly refreshing.
    Also, it cleans the oil, white heads, leaves it fair
    Once tanned skin can be brought back to normal by just using this thrice weekly
    I have been to it from last 10 year’s I say it’s A-one

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