St Ives Softening Whipped Silk Body Lotion Review


It’s July and I am packing my bags, getting ready to meet (ehm ehm!!) someone and about half an hour before I had to leave I realize my moisturizer is over… OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 I so need irresistibly soft skin if I am meeting ‘ehm ehm’ and that too after 6 months. But even at that moment instead of dashing of to the nearest store to buy whatever moisturizer I can get my hands on, I run towards my PC to login to IMBB…. SACCHI MUCCHI!! Ok I login and after reading the review about  the St Ives Collagen Elastin Advanced Body Moisturizer, I decide to buy it. My skin has totally lost elasticity; actually my skin was never as elastic and firm as it should be, blame it on heredity and genetics. Anyways I so had to get my hands on this. I ran to Le Marche at Vasant Vihar, Basant Lok, and to the St Ives counter. I searched high and low for anything that had Collagen Elastin written on it. The SA saw my desperation and came to assist me and when I asked for St Ives Collagen Elastin Advanced Body Moisturizer she said “eeeer… Never heard of it… we just have the ones you see on the shelf.” I was totally disappointed, yet hadn’t forgotten the fact that I needed ‘irresistibly soft skin’. That’s when this little angle O:-) fell right into my lap and it was shouting out my name. When I read softening whipped silk written on it my eyes shone bright and I bought it immediately (u might have guessed the last bit though… hehehe).

St Ives Whipped silk
St Ives Whipped silk


What The product claims: – Pamper your skin daily with this luxurious St.Ives softening Whipped silk lotion. Made with an exclusive blend of silk proteins, this is unbelievably soft, light textured cream glides easily and absorbs quickly for long lasting moisture. Indulge daily for skin that looks and feels irresistibly smooth, silky and touchable ever

Directions: – For best results, smooth over body at least once daily. Continued use improves skin’s moisturisation.

Price: – ` 290 for 532ml

Ingredient List: –

Angel’s Halo:- O:-)

  • It did not irritate my skin in anyway. I have sensitive skin and have allergic reactions such as rashes due to certain lotions.
  • Truly fast absorbing, it sinks right into the skin, which is a rather essential for me when it comes to summer body lotions, my skin just quickly drinks it up; like I gulp my aam panna I totally love it. (May be my skin is really thirsty.)
  • It is truly non greasy, because in summers you lotions and moisturizers tend to melt. This does a tremendous job of moisturizing the skin without any of that greasy feel.
  • I have dry skin, this keeps it moisturized the entire day with just one application.
  • It isn’t pricey at all if you ask me.
  • The quantity for this price great, it lasted for 3 months.
  • It is formulated without Parabens and Pthalates.
  • All animal lovers can cheer; this is totally cruelty free, not tested on animals. :cat2: :sheep: :pig2: :chick:
St Ives Whipped silk
St Ives Whipped silk

Human:- 😐 (Neutral)

  • The smell is a little weird, though its mild can’t say much for those who have sensitive noses. It doesn’t bother me at all, but I definitely prefer something that smells yummy.
  • I expected a lavender coloured lotion. 😛
St Ives Whipped silk
St Ives Whipped silk
  • It doesn’t contain any SPF
  • Tried it on my face did not moisturize it yet made it oily!??!!??!! (Don’t know who to blame my skin or St Ives and anyways it claims to be a body moisturizer only)
  • Packaging neither attractive nor ugly.
  • The bottle contains 20% post consumer recycled material i.e. the bottle is made of recycled plastic. Now I am confused… environment friendly yippee! But body lotion in a recycled bottle ehm ehm!! Don’t know what to say.

Devil’s horns:- :devil:

  • Loads of chemicals, so the claim about being made of all natural ingredients is a :lying: lie.
  • It wasn’t moisturizing enough to be used on my hands and feet. I have to use separate foot and hand creams
  • Pump bottle, curse for travelers. I am always on the go and so is the moisturizer along with me and inside my bag urghhh!!! :teeth:
  • I’m afraid it won’t be able to handle the burden of winter dryness

Would I buy this again? If I do not get hold of the Collagen Elastin Advanced Body Moisturizer and nothing else attracts me (I get carried away by advertisements) I would definitely buy this for summers, this is truly an angel when it comes to summer moisturizers, because this is the only summer moisturizer that has ever worked for me. For now I am torn between St Ives oatmeal and Shea and Vaseline cocoa butter (for winters).

MY RATING:– :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: :cat2:
{1 kitty less for being Pinocchio :lying: (liar) and for being a pump bottle}

Hope you guys like my style of writing, my very first post :fingersxd:

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40 thoughts on “St Ives Softening Whipped Silk Body Lotion Review

  1. Nice review rashmi :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: I will giv it a misss though coz m happy n satisfied with ma TBS body butters 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. aaaaaaahh!! TBS.. no one ever leaves paradise… once u hv entered the world of TBS .. u wud’nt even want to try anything else.. 😉 …. (those r the words of my aunt who is crazy abt TBS)

      MEOW!! :cat2:

  2. Nice review Rashmi. :yes: :yes: :yes: I bought it sometime back from Health and Glow, just by seeing that it doesn’t contain animal products and is not tested on animals..and I liked the bottle too 🙂 . I quite liked its smooth and light texture. I have used it only for body. Never tried it on my face. Even my body skin is extremely dry and it has worked well there without being greasy. :-)) :-))

    But, it smells of a bit of alcohol and that has put me off in buying it again. Also it is soooo huge…I am waiting for it to get over..will never buy these huge bottles …kinda bored of using it now!! 😐 😐 😐

    1. Cali… I knw I get bored of the big bottles soon.. heheheh… next is the collagen elastin… ohh wer oh wer can it be… 😛

      MEOW!! :cat2:

  3. Nice review :yes: :yes: :yes:

    I was seeing this but the SA insisted on Oatmeal and Shea so bought that, this was long long ago. Totally happy with Oatmeal and shea , . 🙂 🙂 🙂

    What did your ‘ehm ehm’ say about your smooth skin :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

    1. NAINA…!! :blush: ….. ehm ehm!!… could’nt say anything… he was speechless.. and so was I.. :blush:

      MEOW!! :cat2:

  4. Hey Rashmi, nice review. I too was in search of a summer moisturizer.
    well then, your story didn’t ended properly, what comments did your “Mr.ehm ehm” gave you when u met him finally ha ha?? 😛 😛 😛

    1. I love St Ives tooo… and they have such a wide range of products thats what I hate.. I get confused… 🙁 …….. 😛

      MEOW!! :cat2:

    1. VG and suge…. hey its gr8 na… but I mite give other moisturisers a chance nxt year.. ( I got bored),,, 😛 ……. atleast I have a moisturiser to fall back on if the others dnt work…

      MEOW!! :cat2:

  5. collagen elastin … 😀
    i wanted this since time immemorial
    but the store had a single peice and a girl next to me ran and came and flicked it went 😯 😯
    since then ….

    1. 😮 ….. ohh!!… I u did not do anything… 😮 …….. hmmmm …. sad na… tumhare aankhon ke saamne tumse door chala gaya…

      MEOW!! :cat2:

    1. the moisturizer worked for me…. But I would have to say that I am sure there are better moisturizers out there.. just have’nt come across them as yet I guess…

      MEOW! :cat2:

    1. Thank you sooo much Sharon… was wondering whether you guys would like it or not.. 🙂 …….. Im so happy you guys liked… ohh sorry LOVED it heheh 😉 😛 ………

      I would say ehm ehm!! to the last Q .. 😛

      MEOW!! :cat2:

  6. Hey rashmi, loved readin your review… was very intresting :yes: …I’ve used this one too, neither liked it nor hated it! But will never buy it again!

    1. hmmm… this was the best summer moisturiser till now… but would give others a try.. if nothing works.. I have my silk.. 🙂


  7. Hey Nivedita… do not buy this moisturiser for winters… this is a summer moisturiser.. go ahead with vaseline cocoa butter… to maintain a yummy lookking skin.. 😛

    MEOW!! :cat2:

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