St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Green-Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Green-Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Green Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

I know, St. Patrick’s Day was a while back, but still, I was inspired to do this and better late than never right! Sweet, wonderful and resident diva, Rati sent me a Lakme Botanica quad with my lipstick purchases during the last “clearance sale” here on IMBB. :heart: It has a beautiful light and bright green that I just had to try as soon as possible! Green and gold is anyway such a beautiful combination that one really doesn’t need an excuse to try it on. :yes:

Products Used For This Makeup Tutorial:

Products Used

  • Lakme Quad – Peacock (Shade Used: Green).
  • Lakme Quad – Botanica (Shades used: Beige, Light Green).
  • Faces Canada Sparkle Dust Stack – Rainbow (Shade Used: Iridescent Green-Blue Sparkles).
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadow – Gold Rush.
  • Florelle Kajal.
  • Lakme Insta Liner.
  • Estee Lauder Projectionist Mascara.
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base.

Step 1:

SPD Green (3)

Apply a primer and concealer to the entire upper eyelid and the lower lash line. I avoid applying concealer under the eyes as there can be fall out, especially with that dark green color.

rati beauty ad

Step 2:

SPD Green (4)

SPD Green (5)

I avoid plucking my eyebrows. So, I use NYX eyeshadow base, apply it so as to form a desired arch/curve for my eyebrows, then blend it down. I then take a very thin brush, apply some kajal on it and fill in any sparse areas on my brows.

Step 3:

I then applied the beige/gold color in the “Botanica quad” on my brow bone and the light green color in the same quad over my entire lid, staying away from the crease.

SPD Green (6)

Step 4:

Taking an angular brush, I then formed a triangular section within  the outer corner with the darker green color from the “Peacock” quad.

SPD Green (7)

I kept taking more color till I was satisfied with the color depth, shape and blending. I blended it out a little past my crease and towards the inner corner, but still kept the triangular shape on the outer corner.

SPD Green (8)

Step 5:

I then applied a shimmery gold on the brow bone, as I felt that beige color applied earlier was a bit too matte and light.

SPD Green (9)

Step 6:

To open up the eyes more and brighten the inner corners, I applied a greenish iridescent sparkle from the “Faces Rainbow Stack.” It appears white in the pot, but when applied, only the green/silver sparkles in it are visible. It is a BEAUTIFUL sparkle! I also applied the bright gold on the inner half of my lower lash line and dark green on the outer half. I also cleaned up under my eyes and applied some concealer.

SPD Green (10)

Step 7:

I then applied my favourite intense kajal on my waterlines, lined my eyes with a very dark eyeliner and applied mascara.

SPD Green (11)

That’s it! The look is done!

SPD Green (12)

Without flash: I love how only the iridescent color on the inner corners sparkles and the rest remains fairly non-shimmery without the flash!

SPD Green (13)

SPD Green (14)

SPD Green (15)

I hope you ladies liked this look and that the colors inspire you to get creative too! :yes:

Happy Makeuping! 😀

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73 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Green-Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. veryyyyyyy nice nafisaa……. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. Amazing ….please let me know did you learn this by studying makeup , or do you follow a particular youtube guru.

    1. Thanku Supriya! 🙂 i didn;t study makeup anywhere, oh how i wish i cud! But i do follow some beauty gurus on YT, from whom all i’ve learnt A LOT:
      Pixiwoo, Gossmakeupartist, LisaEldridgedotcom, MakeupGeektv, JulieG713, KlaireDeLysArt & some others but mainly it is these channels that have taught me immensely!

  3. the song “sexy eyes’ was totally written with you in mind!!! 😉 😉 😉 i have hooded eyes so these lovely tutorials are not for me ,,, 😥 😥 😥 you make it look so easy…. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. Oh my!! Thanku Sneha!! :shying: :shying: :shying:
      i’l do a tutorial for hooded eyes :puchhi: dr is always somethin u can do, no matter what the eye shape :yes: 🙂

  4. Nice tutorial
    Looks lovely on you and nice done too.
    Please tell me where can i get that Kajal?It is just awesome

    1. Thanku so much Shirley! 🙂
      That kajal is available commonly in the middle east & europe….dr is a review on it on IMBB 🙂 its my fav kajal ever!!! :inlove:

    1. Thankuuuus!!
      & Ok Sahar!! :hihi: proposal accepted, v will do each others eye makeup!!! u sign over ur CS collection to me first though….that is my only demand 😀

    1. Thanku Rati!!!! :)) esp thanku for that pretty green shade in that lakme quad!!! :puchhi:
      SPD is a Christian, Irish holiday where they celebrate with parades & food-drinking parties & by wearing & decorating with green color…at least thats what i’ve made out from movies, books etc 😀

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