Stay Gorgeous this Winter by NOT Doing These

gorgeous wintersOur skin is like a mirror; it reflects all the turmoil and tension running in our mind and body. The stressful and polluted environment that we stay in takes away all the charm and glow of our skin. The beautiful soft skin that we had when we were young made us feel like a princess in ourselves. We do a lot of things  to ensure that we put our best face forward  to the world healthy diets and strict fitness regimes but many a times, we tend to miss out at some basic details, here is a list of few things you should NOT do this winter to lose that princess look and feel.

hot water bath1.Taking Hot Showers: Who doesn’t love taking those long steamy showers in winter? The feel of hot water running over our body is definitely amazing in winter, but it’s not a good idea for your delicate skin.  Use lukewarm water instead. Hot water saps natural oils from your skin surface . It rips apart the protective barrier formed by proteins and fats which ideally help to lock in moisture, thus opening our skin pores and thereby dehydrating the skin and making it less supple and susceptible to damage. Don’t forget to apply lots of moisturiser to your skin to retain all moisture. In fact it’s good to apply your body lotion on damp skin. The common mistake that we often tend to do is immediately after taking our bath we expose our skin to cold winter air which causes redness and peeling. It is recommended that you should stay indoors for at least 45 minutes after taking bath.

stress2. Stressing Out: Unfortunately stress has become a ubiquitous presence in our lives, be it at workplace, in relationship management, or while rushing through the traffic. As a matter of fact, we have become habitual and addicted to a stressful lifestyle. But the effect of being subjected to tremendous stress day after day can be visibly seen not only on our body, soul and mind but also our skin. Like termites, stress is slowly breaking down our structure by weakening our immune responses. Not just that, stress triggers a majority of skin problems like acne, warts, eczema, blisters, etc. And the list goes on. The best fight back mechanism is to smile and relax. Eat healthy and exercise. Yoga is the best way to fight out stress. Avoid alcohol and coffee because it will only ramp up your cortisol levels.

3. Rushing Through the Cleansing Routine: Many of tend to rush up the cleansing process by simply using facial wipes. For emergencies, these are fine but regular use lead to accumulation of dirt and bacteria and therefore skin break outs. Stick to grandma’s 3 step cleansing procedure.
4. Skipping meals: With wonderful fruits and vegetables available in winter, Don’t skip your meals. Eat healthy, eat right. One needs to eat good because we tend to utilize more energy during winter in keeping ourselves warm.

5. Gorging on Sweets: With the lovely Gajar ka halwa and tempting hot Gulab Jamuns, succumbing to temptation is all but natural. But, too much sugar in your bloodstream is not just bad for the waistline but can also cause wrinkles on that lovely face. So, all those who are binging on sweets STOP as they read this and please control your urge. Rather snack on nuts.

6. Skipping Sunscreen: Many of think that the winter sun is not that damaging and tend to neglect their sunscreen. But, the experts recommend that we should apply sunscreen 365 days, i.e. including the winter season. And they’re called experts not for nothing.
drink water
7. Forgetting to Drink Water: People assume that they should drink water to cool down their system so they casually tend to forget drinking water in winter. The golden rule applies in winters as well 8 glasses of water a day. Water keeps your body hydrated and, at the same time, it flushes out toxins out of our body. It also helps in transportation of minerals across the cells of our body. Come what may, water is what almost 90% of your body is made up of and for this single reason, drinking a lot of water is what you should drink.

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24 thoughts on “Stay Gorgeous this Winter by NOT Doing These

  1. also i think the skin on the feet and hand tend to dry more and crack in winter so special care should be taken to keep the feet n hands well hydrated

  2. i never follow the 7th point! coz i pee every 10 mins if i dring that many glasses of water!!! i tried so many times..but i failed. :shame:

  3. eerrr sweet things cause wrinkles??? sheeet realy?? only in winters or anytime ( askin u with a lot of hopes of u telling NO – not always ) 😛
    i never had a sweet tooth.. but this year iv started gorging on pastires like theres no tomoroww!! 😯 😯 😯 😯

  4. Most people do not realize this but excess sugar is considered one of the main causes of premature aging. The more sugar we eat, the more sugar we have entering our bloodstream. Over time, this can result in a process known as glycation, which is when a glucose (sugar) molecule damages a protein molecule by sticking to it. The new molecules formed are called advanced glycation end-products, or AGEs. AGEs damage collagen in skin, cartilage, and ligaments and promote a loss of elasticity. Wrinkles form and skin begins to sag.
    Try This – It may seem impossible to reduce your sugar intake, but it can be done! A gradual approach works best. In the next week, choose one thing you’re going to do to decrease the amount of sugar you consume. For example, start by cutting the amount of sugar in your daily coffee or tea by half. Every week, find another way you can decrease your sugar intake. Pretty soon, you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come!

  5. :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:
    thankooo u always come to my rescue whn i have the silliest questions to ask :P:P

    i neither drink tea or coffe… and dun evn eat sweet stuff even occasionaly… the only thing sweeet i have is cakes and pastries and nowadays its everyday
    so i guess il have to cut down on my pastries and cupcakes itself…

    im just 21 as of now but im super paranoid abt premature ageing coz since my early teens only iv had large pores dat could be seeen from miles away and i already have pigmentation around my mouth area.. me soo scared :weep: :weep: :weep: :suspense: :suspense: :tremble:
    :tremble: :tremble:

    1. Puberty cause large pores because as we know during puberty the skin begins to produce more oil and the pores have to enlarge in order to be able to handle the increased output. Large pores are most common in teenagers.

      The sun damage may also cause enlarged pores and pigmentation…

      Don’t worry enlarged pores are concern for many women of all ages and skin types, especially for those with oily and combination skin.

      And stress only makes things worse….So just take good care of your skin and RELAX 🙂

  6. Guilty of taking long hot showers… Never knew it’s not good for me.. Thaks for the article Puneeta.. :yes: :yes: :yes:

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