How to Stay Slim

Figure obsession among women is nothing new. Everyone wants to have a size zero figure and a super hot slim body in no time these days. But what they don’t realize is that by joining slimming centers or starving themselves they might get the desired results but it will certainly have a bad outcome in the long run.

stay slim

Food does not make anyone fat, it is the bad food habits that make people overweight. It is a well known fact but still people starve themselves. Dieting, if necessary, should always be done under a medical supervision otherwise it may have certain terrible consequences such as:

• Digestive problems
• Weakness
• Headaches
• Inability to concentrate
• Dehydration etc.

The golden mantra for staying slim is by keeping a check on your calories intake. Right balance between calories in and calories out helps to stay fit, slim and healthy.

Tips to stay slim:

stay slimHere are some tips that would definitely help you to loose weight and stay slim and healthy.

1) Eat in moderation: Do not deprive yourselves from the pleasure of eating food but instead try to eat in moderation. Eat small meals six times a day this helps to control blood sugar and thus makes loosing weight easier.

2) Avoid late night eating: Never eat food right before going to bed or after a long period of inactivity as doing so generate our body’s mechanism for storing fat.

3) Never skip breakfast: After the whole night starvation our body needs energy in the morning, so whatever we eat will be burned down and stored in the form of fat by or body.

4) Drink water: Always drink a glass of water before your meals as it will help to fill the stomach and enable you to reach higher level of satisfaction with relatively less food.

5) Exercise: Engage yourself in some form of physical activity to burn calories and stay slim.

6) Avoid eating junk foods: Unhealthy meals should be avoided as they will only increase your calorie intake.

7) Do not eat between meals: Between the meals snacks should be avoided as it will help our body to burn calories at a faster rate and increase the metabolism.

8) Avoid heavy dinner: People tend to skip breakfast and eat a heavy dinner which should not be done in case you want to stay slim.stay slim

9) Avoid fatty food: Pastries, ice creams, rice, curd, milk products like cheese, etc should be avoided. Cut down on red meat and deep fried meals.

10) Don’t starve yourself: Do not eat too little as it would have a negative impact on your body. Nutritional requirements of a body must always be fulfilled.

In my opinion women should try more to stay fit than to stay slim. What do you think?

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  2. motivation to loose weight…..I should start my exercise routine as soon as possible.
    And yes big NO to size zero….staying fit shud be the mantra :victory: :victory:
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  3. Rice is not fatty food, one big bowl rice has 300Kcalories=3phulkas.
    PPl in andhra,kerla,karnataka,Tamilnadu ll die with out rice.

  4. Nice article Era… Really helpful n informative :yes: :yes:

    Just want to warn about 1 point – “Always drink a glass of water before your meals”
    Actually, my cousin used to drink water empty stomach before meals n she got severe kidney damage due to this… her kidneys shrunk in size.. Doc advised her not to have water empty stomach before meals… though I have heard its really good to have water in early morning empty stomach but wont really suggest it before meals esp. on empty stomach, if you can have it alongwith some fruit, biscuit etc then it wont hurt….

    Take care!! :victory:

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    even Ive started having smaller meals these days and mng mein when I wake up Im super hungry these days 🙂
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