Staying Stylish with Spectacles

Staying Stylish with Spectacles

Most of us want to know how to do some good smokey eye makeup. You want to line and smudge and do everything to get that rich, sexy, smoldering look that’ll drive your man nuts :-). And there’s nothing wrong with that. Except when all that smoldering is behind a glass wall, then the sexiness kind of dies down.

But does that mean that those of us who are straddled with an extra pair of eyes need to back down and just give up? NEVER!!!! We can be just as stylish as the rest, if not better. You have to admit, our specs do give us a certain smart, sophisticated edge :-). And while you’re struggling to find frames to create the ‘Geek’ look, we’re already there!

However, the sexy specsy people do have a few challenges to overcome. Some of us are really short sighted, which makes our lenses thicker and requires further adjustments. But not to fear, here are some tips and pictures of some lovely ladies, doing their thing, while wearing spectacles.
kareena in specs
First things first, get frames that suit your face. Square or rectangular frames for round faces and round frames for square-ish faces. As for oval faces, you can try everything!!


1. There are two must haves for specs wearers – Mascara and Concealer.
• Curl your lashes first to prevent them from touching your lenses
• Go for a volumizing rather than lengthening mascara
• Feel free to do multiple coats

• Ensure you use the best matching foundation and concealer under your eyes

2. If you’re short sighted, your specs make your eyes appear smaller. So:
• You can enlarge your eyes by using a white eye pencil on the lower lash line
• Use a good liner on the upper lash line, you may try to match the color to the rim of your specs
• General rule of thumb – the thicker the frames, thicker the eye liner
kajol in specs
3. If you’re far sighted, your specs make your eyes look larger. While this can be an advantage, it also means that every glob or wrong smudge will be magnified. So:
• Ensure very careful lining of the eye
• You can layer on the liner on the lower lash line as well

4. If you are using colored frames it is best to use neutral shades of eye shadow. Or you could try with colored shadows but beware –it can look dramatic or just plain clowny.
rani in specs
5. If you are wearing rimless specs, you have the advantage of your eyes getting more focus, but on the downside those nose fittings would appear more prominent. So use a darker eye shadow towards the outer edges to take attention away from the bridge of the nose.
stylish specs

katrina in specs
6. Grooming is essential for everyone, but more so for specs wearers – ensure that eyebrows and facial hair are taken care of. Also keep your hair frizz free.
7. Set your foundation with a little powder to prevent your glasses from sliding off your nose.

8. A great tip is to use a lovely bright color on your lips and really make them pop!
red lipstick


1. Alice bands– The hard plastic or metal ones can fight for space with the ends of your specs and hurt your head. Go for soft elastic ones or the really slim cloth covered plastic bands that aren’t too tight.

2. Jewelry– Earrings, specs and necklaces are all in the face area, so they shouldn’t end up clashing with each other. If you think it’s a bit too much, it probably is. Also take into consideration the neckline of your dress.

3. Sunglasses– They are a must. Just because you wear specs, doesn’t mean that you’ve got some kind of super power that protects your eyes. They need to be shielded from the harsh sun. Worried you can’t see anything? No problem, just get sunglasses with powered lenses and UV protection. Carry them around with you and exchange them with your powered specs the minute you step inside. A bit of a hassle, I know, but then aren’t your peepers worth it?


Of course, if you’ve been a regular specs wearer, you haven’t let that limit your choice of clothing. But just so you know, you can rock any kind of look wearing specs!! Corporate, casual, club, festive – anything!! Just look at these divas :-).
deepika padukone




There are some who feel uncomfortable wearing specs at weddings or festivals. But there really is no need to worry – Indian wear looks great with specs!! You can create your own geek-meets-Indian princess look too :-).

I personally feel that maang tikkas look good with simple metallic frames, rather than large chunky geeky ones. Also, bindis needn’t be avoided, just look at the poster girl for spectacles, Kiran Rao, rocking the bindi and saree with her trademark black frames.

If you still have doubts, I have just two words for you – ‘Sabyasachi Mukherjee’.



Specs themed stuff

While we’re on the topic of spectacles, how about a look at some cool, funky specs themed stuff?

Spectacle Necklace
Geek necklace (available at most places now :-))
Specs shaped Earrings and Ring


Specs print Dress
specs printed dress

Specs themed I Phone Cover
Hope this article was informative (and entertaining)!
meg ryan
Whew! That was a lot!!

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  1. wow! wow! wow! SUCH a wonderful read! i wear specs too and always avoided them with ethnic wear.. now i know that i need not! thanks a bunch fabida! :*

  2. very very cool article. I have been planning to buy a pair of specs for a while now. The ones i currently wear are almost 2 years old. Loved the ones deepika is wearing. and the specs rings are sooo cute. 🙂

  3. It really was an entertaining read.. I loved the ones Jennifer Aniston is wearing.. I need new frames so will keep these in mind.

  4. i loved this article. I have eeen wearing lenses for almost 30 years now, and obviously glasses too when i am not wearing those lenses. while i have picked up frames that have suiedt my face shape, i wasnt aware of the makeup tips for ‘glasses’ wearers 🙂 I loved Deepika padukone, Rani and Kareena Kapoor’s look.

  5. I wear glasses and I swear by making your lips pop! And yes, you can get sunglasses with power…just ask the store guy which ones can have lenses with power…not all can.

  6. this was very helpful to me
    Since i am short sighted n i cant live without my spects for long
    I wear spects like the one deepika is wearing and after reading dis article,,,i know dt how to carry out certain styles having my spects on…..

  7. hello, thanks for the info..
    I’ve a query..I’m far sighted and I wear half rimmed glasses..I like wearing thin Kajal and eye liner both colour and black but not you think I need to invest in problem is I don’t see myself as wearing it regularly and it can only be used for 3 months, then You need to change it..please suggest some thing…on mascara and do I need to change my regular eye makeup………?????????

    1. I guess if you think your Mascara would go to waste, you can try an eyelash curler along with your regular kajal. Being far sighted, your lenses would make your eyes appear larger, making life easier for you!! Also, mascara would be less necessary for you than for a short sighted person. However, don’t forget the concealer and keep it neat; like I mentioned, every smudge and spot will also be magnified.

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