Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum Review

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum Review

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When I was a  kid, my mom used to fill up these pretty brass plant pots with lots of rose petals in water and I believe that is where my obsession for perfume began, and Stella by Stella McCartney takes me back exactly to the very same moment.


Product Description:

A fragrance based on the contrast between the freshness and softness of the rose, and the dark sensuality of amber, Stella is a sophisticated scent focused on an intense sense of femininity.  The concept of the Stella McCartney bath line is based on an ecological and organic cosmetology, selecting the best natural raw materials and capitalizing on vegetable extracts based on organic agriculture and on extraction methods that respect and protect the natural life force of the plants.  Created by Jacques Cavalier [Firmenich] under the Label Stella McCartney in 2003.

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum 2

Notes Composition:

For the top notes, the rose essence fused with peony flower and drops of mandarin essence provides a seductive combination. For the heart note, the rose absolute reveals a more intense facet of the rose. For the base note, the mystery of amber creates an addictive sensation of sensuality.

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Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum 4


INR 7390 but it may vary.


Transparent rectangular bottle, thick vertical glass rims.  (Dotted) Stella engraved in silver around the neck of the nozzle cap. Comes with a secured black cap, retro but chic packaging.

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum 5

My Take on Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum:

Before I tell you why I am sure that each one of you would definitely fall in love with “Stella,” I want you to imagine yourself standing amidst a huge valley of roses in Bulgaria, the spring air breezing through and your eyes gazing in amazement across the full bloom. This is exactly how you would feel the moment the first spray of this perfume escapes on to your wrist, and this, believe me, is pure intoxication.

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum 6

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum 7

I am not much into florals, I am more partial towards my fruity perfumes. Florals always tend to give me headaches with very few exceptions, but the scent of rose has always fascinated me. Not the jam of roses, which is “creamy” or “green-y” or “powder-y” but fresh, old-fashioned roses that is feminine, soft and delicate without being overpowering or cloying, and Stella turned out to be just the one1

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum 8

This is definitely something that is guaranteed to please even the most sensitive olfactory nerve and when I say this, you have to trust me!

The first blast is a very alcoholish-lemony-citrus (tart-y mandarin) which is soon preluded by warm fruity floral notes of orange (yes, it’s not in the notes, but I still can sense some orange), rose (of course!) interrupted after a brief period by deep amber and delicate rose and this lingers on until it dies down to a subtle spicy touch with the rose still underlining it. I simply love how something as simple as rose evolves from being intense and slowly fades leaving behind its addiction. One of those very few scents that definitely makes a girl feel special!!

It is not going to be one of those scents that I would like to wear everyday unlike my Cherie and definitely not something that I would want to wear for a meeting (definite distraction, I tell you) or in a crowded place like weddings, but it is one of those perfect perfumes you would want to wear on a date…. first date??Perfect option I say!! 😉

Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum 9

If I had to describe this in one sentence then, it is a fresh, feminine, sensual yet sophisticated perfume.  Though I feel it is a mild perfume which can be worn day and night throughout the year. I have tried using more than just a few sprays and it still was not overpowering on me and that’s a huge plus for me since I tend to go overboard with perfumes most of the time.

I won’t say it is a boring scent, but it is a simple and mild scent which I would prefer to wear occasionally with that someone special ;-). This is my first ever perfume with an amazing staying power. It just stays on and on and I still smell it the next day if sprayed on clothes! A definite repurchase for me!

You might not like Stella by Stella McCartney:

  • If you like strong scents.
  • If you love those excessively sweet, creamy, rose scents.
  • If you do not like fresh, clean scents.

Pros of Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum:

I am clearly in love with this fragrance! So, everything about this from the notes to the staying power, is just amazing! Want to know how it feels like walking past a valley of velvet roses? Try this!

Cons of Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum:

  • Expensive!!! If not for IMBB, I would not have definitely tried this!!
  • Availability.

Would I Recommend Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum?

This is my idea of “Pure Vintage Romance,” I say, Go for it 🙂 and girls who love florals, this is a must have1

Thank you IMBB once again!! Hugs! Love you all 🙂

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  1. Sooo many to try *woot* *woot* this looks like a very good one.. *pompom* my mom would like this as i am a fan of fruity ones *happy dance* very well written *clap* *hifive*

  2. i guess writing about a perfume is the most difficult one….but *clap* for the review…i love floral fragrances so i like this one as described but too expensive *nababana* but lucky you, nice pick ..

  3. I love fruity and flowery notes.. *drool* *happy dance* ur detailed and lavishing description of roses valley tempted me to sniff it atleast once.. *happy dance* *haan ji* *clap* *clap*
    great review sushma.. *clap* *clap* enjoyyyyyyyy

    1. *thankyou* Neetu!! Do try it… I have always received compliments everytime i used this! I am sure you would love it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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