Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial – Fluffy Voluminous Braid for Thin Hair

Hello gorgeous!

Today, I am going to share an amazing but easy hair braid tutorial that will definitely make you super happy. Girls with thin hair are often unhappy with their thin, flat braids. We all love fluffy, big braids but our normal three-strand braid can’t provide that extra volume. So today, let’s check out how we all can create a fluffy, voluminous braid easily.

Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial - Fluffy Voluminous Braid for Thin Hair

Step 1:

Fluffy Voluminous Braid for Thin Hair Step 1

I have straight hair but I added waves to it by keeping it braided overnight. It provided me with volume and waves. You can also try this hack, else skip it.

Step 2:

Now, just brush you hair well. Then, take the front section of your hair and backcomb the inner sections. After this, take a section from the front and backcomb it to get some volume. It gives a nice volume to thin, limp hair.

Step 3:

Once you are done with the front sections, lightly brush the upper hair. Then, create a normal ponytail but only with the upper section and secure it with an elastic.

Step 4:

Now, take two sections from both the sides and make another ponytail – just below the 1st one.

Step 5:

After that, again make a ponytail with rest of the hair. I created three ponytails, you can go for more if you have more volume.

Step 6:

Fluffy Voluminous Braid for Thin Hair Step 2

Now, divide the 1st ponytail into two sections and pull the 2nd ponytail up in between the division. Clip it on the head and again join the first sections with an elastic just below the gap. Tug that section from both sides and make it fluffy.

Step 7:

Now, repeat the same step with 2nd ponytail. Divide it into two sections and repeat the step 5 and step 6.

Step 8:

Fluffy Voluminous Braid for Thin Hair Step 3

Continue until you reach the end. Since I have long hair, I made a normal three-strand braid with the last 1/3rd section once I reached near the end. You can continue until the end.

Step 9:

Fluffy Voluminous Braid for Thin Hair Step 4

Now, secure the end with an elastic band and tug the sections carefully to make them fluffy.

Step 10:

Spritz on some setting spray and tug some hair to make it look natural.

Fluffy Voluminous Braid for Thin Hair

Fluffy Voluminous Braid

Here is my final look. It looks a little messy since I could not really see my hair properly. But make sure all the sections are nicely tugged. I have fine hair and this braid gave a nice voluminous look to it. I absolutely love this hairstyle as it is so pretty and changed my look. It looks good with most outfits. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and would love to give it a try.

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