Step-by-Step Tutorial for the 10-Minute Natural and Glowy Day Makeup Look

By “Makeovers by Sonam Jayna

Are you one of those ladies who are always short of time and still need to look perfect before stepping out of the house? Do you always wish you knew the art of quick makeup or had a fairy godmother who’d do a quick makeover for you? Look no further. Today I’ll teach you how to achieve a quick 10-minute makeup look that can be the answer to all your problems.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for the 10-Minute Natural and Glowy Day Makeup Look

Products Used:


Step 1:

Moisturise your skin really well with any moisturizer of your choice. Make sure you put on a little extra moisturizer than you normally put since we will be just playing around with powder products and we don’t want the skin to look dry and flaky.

Step 2:

Start with contouring your cheekbones using any contouring powder of your choice. I’ve used NYX Highlight and Contour Powder 01 just in the hollows of my cheekbones.

Step 3:

Contour your jawline right till under your chin area using the same contouring powder. I prefer starting directly with countouring for this look since we would not be applying any foundation (remember this is a 10-minute look and we don’t have time) and using a compact powder on top will buff out the harsh lines.

Step 4:

Using a powder brush, apply powder (I have used MAC Studio Fix Powder) all over your face all the way till your neck. I’ve used NC30 on myself. You can substitute MAC Studio Fix Powder with any full coverage compact powder of your choice. We need full coverage powder since this is doing the job of a foundation and will be hiding all the imperfections of our face.

Step 5:

Apply a nude eyeshadow with shimmer all over your eyelids all the way to little above your crease area. Make sure the eyeshadow is just a little lighter than your skin tone so that it makes your eyes pop and matches your eyelids to the rest of your face. I’ve used Inglot Eyeshadow no. 463 (remember this is a natural, glowy look so we don’t want any colour on our eyelids).

Step 6:

Highlight your brow bone area (just under your brows) using a light cream coloured eyeshadow. Blend well. I’ve used Inglot Eyeshadow no. 30 to highlight my brow bone area.

Step 7 (Optional):

fill eyebrows
Fill in your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil. I’ve used NYX Eye and Eyebrow pencil in shade Dark Brown.

Step 8:

apply kohl
Apply black kohl/kajal in the upper and lower waterline of your eyes. Don’t apply kajal under the waterline because we don’t want to make the kajal very prominent. This step is just to make your eyes look crisp and stand out but should not make the kajal too visible. I’ve used Maybelline Colossal Kajal Super Black.

Step 9:

curl lashes
Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes (optional). Apply a good amount of black mascara to give a false eyelash look and really make your eyes stand out (makes your eyes look fuller). I’ve used Benefit They’re Real Mascara Black.

Step 10:

Apply a subtle pink/peach blusher starting from the apple of your cheeks and merge it with the countoured area. I’ve used MAC Peachykeen.

Step 11:

highlight nose
Apply a highlighter just above the area where you’ve used a blusher, on the bridge of your nose (gives the nose a sleeker look) and the Cupid’s bow area of your lips (lips look fuller). I’ve used MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skinfinish.

Step 12:

Finally, finish off the look with a nice nude pink/soft pink lipstick. I’ve used Lime Crime Velvetines Cupid. You’re ready to WOW the crowd now!!

About the Makeup Artist:

Sonam Jayna is an avid makeup lover and went on to become a makeup artist solely to pursue her passion for makeup. Her USP is the makeovers she gives to her clients transforming them into divas while keeping the makeup as subtle and natural as possible. She follows international techniques for makeup and is well versed with all the latest trends in vogue. She specializes in bridal, function/party makeup as well as makeup for shows, shoots etc.

Studio Address: M – 17, Green Park Extension, New Delhi 16
Contact: 9971334442
Instagram: sonamjayna
Snapchat: sonamjayna

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7 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Tutorial for the 10-Minute Natural and Glowy Day Makeup Look

  1. I have to say that you are naturally blessed with gorrrgeous skin!! Makeup has definitely added to the glow but your already glowy 🙂

  2. OMG Sonam you have such flawless skin.Darling you need to put on makeup,you are so beautiful,make up just adds a bit to your existing beauty.Would love to see your skincare routine and all the products you use for skincare.Loved your makeup a lot.I need to repeat you dont need makeup dear.

  3. Thank you so very much guys for all the lovely compliments.. You guys surely made my day.. Believe it or not i dont have any skin care routine.. I dont apply soap to my face.. Just wash it with water only always.. No facials, no masks or packs ever.. I feel the more you play with yout skin the more problems you face.. The only thing I apply every single morning is my Olay 7 in1 cream with spf 15.. Thats about it ????????

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