Step-by-Step Tutorial – Conceal Dark Circles in Just 5 Easy Steps

By “Parul Khattar

Here is an easy tutorial through which you learn to conceal those dark circles very easily. This tutorial involves just 5 easy steps and can hide even severe dark circles.
Makeup Tutorial - How to Conceal Dark Circles in Just 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 –

Wash your face with water and apply a moisturizer.
step 1

Step 2 –

Choose an orange or a yellow corrector. Orange, salmon or peach concealer counteracts the blue tones prevalent in most under eye circles. Go with a darker orange if the circles are especially dark, or bright blue. A lighter, more yellow-orange conceals the purple tones more effectively while a redder tone can conceal green circles
* If your eyes are puffy, go a little darker. Darker colors create the illusion that the area is recessed, reducing the puffy appearance

Step 3 –

Cover the under-eye area with the concealer. Apply it in small dabs to the undereye area. Pat it in using a flat concealer brush for more effective crease concealment. It’s best to start with as little as possible, putting a thin layer over the darkest or most discolored areas.
step 2

Step 4 –

Set your under eye concealer with a powder. Load your puff with powder and gently press it under your eyes. This will add a little more coverage and help your concealer last throughout the day.
step 3

Step 5 –

Apply the foundation. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type.
step 4

The finished look –

final look

Products Used:

products used

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One thought on “Step-by-Step Tutorial – Conceal Dark Circles in Just 5 Easy Steps

  1. I love the lip color and the eye color; however I think lining an almond shaped eye makes it appear smaller (lining just the outer half of the eye makes it appear bigger), also the foundation is a bit on the cooler side and I don’t know how it might appear in person. It’s just my personal opinion.

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