Step-by-Step Tutorial – Well Defined Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner

By “Nalini Dhir

“Never Ask A Girl With Winged Eyeliner Why She’s Late”

Do you envy your colleague’s perfect winged eyeliner all the time? You can master it too! And, I’ll teach you how you can do it in style along with well-defined cut crease. Just follow the step-by-step tutorial given below.

Step-by-Step Tutorial - Well Defined Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner

Step 1

First prep and prime the lids and the under eye area. After this, apply an orange corrector and concealer mixed together to cover the under eye dark circles.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 1

Step 2

Next, use a translucent powder to set the corrector and concealer.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 2

Step 3

Fill in the eyebrows with an angular brush.

Step 4

Create a line as shown in the picture with a brown eye pencil. Using an ear bud, smudge the brown line upwards towards the eyebrow.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 3

Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 4

Step 5

After blending the crease line, apply a dark brown eyeshadow. I used MAC Devilishly Dark with a round blending brush. Remember the eyeshadow should be over the brown pencil colour and blended upwards in the same manner as the brown pencil. I used the blending brush to soften the look.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 5

Step 6

Next, use Manila Paper by MAC. I used a flat brush to apply the eyeshadow. Start from the inner corner and go towards the outer corner. This shade should not go above the crease line that we have created. You can apply the same shade on the browbone.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 6

Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 7

Step 7

Now comes the exciting part, the winged eyeliner. To create the winged eyeliner, use a liquid eyeliner pen. Believe me, a felt tip eyeliner pen makes the application of a winged eyeliner so much easier. This is a must-have in every girl’s vanity.

First, create a line from the corner of the eye towards the eyebrow. You will have to stretch the eyelid from top so that you get more or less a straight line. When you leave the lid, it falls at an angle as shown in the pic.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 8

Step 8

Now join the tip of the line till the centre of the lash line. This will create a triangle.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 9

Step 9

Now fill this in with the black eyeliner completely.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 10

Step 10

Join this filled-in triangle with another line that you will start from the inner corner. Remember – the liner has to be thinnest at the inner corner, medium in the centre and thickest on the outer corner. After this, if you feel the wing needs to be extended, you can do so by just extending the end with a little flick.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 11

Step 11

Apply a nice dose of black kajal.

Step 12

How can any eye makeup ever look complete without a super lengthening and curling mascara! Apply generous amount of mascara to enhance the look. You can also use falsies, but I haven’t since my model is blessed with beautiful lashes.
Cut Crease with Winged Eyeliner Step 12

Products Used:

winged eyeliner Products Used
1. Make-Up Studio Concealer Palette
2. Make-Up Studio Translucent Setting Powder
3. MAC Eyeshadow – Manila Paper and Devilishly Dark
4. Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal Just Brown 006
5. Maybelline Colossal Kajal
6. VOV 2 Color Eyebrow Powder
7. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen
8. Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh Mascara.

About the Makeup Artist:

I’ve worked in a corporate sector like Airtel for over 5 years, but I quit after having my babies. After kiddies grew up my creative side was calling me and soon I enrolled myself for a Profession Makeup Course. Once done, I started off as a freelancer doing n number of bridal makeovers photo-shoots and theatre make up for over 10 years now .I have been creating gorgeous and smiling brides.. that’s what actually gives me the ultimate happiness. Finally I landed a dream job of teaching Makeup at a premium institute. Something that I love doing is MakeUp , and now I get to teach what I love, what more could I ask for!!


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