10 Steps to Flawless Makeup for Oily Skin

Hi my angels,
I hope all you beauties are doing well and are hooked on to IMBB just like me, hehehe! It has become a routine of mine to visit IMBB as soon as I reach my office and then you know, all those reviews, DIYs, and amazing posts! I declare myself an IMBB addict! Coming back to the article, I know there are so many beauties out there struggling with oily skin and unable to befriend their makeup, especially in the summers. I have a weird tricky skin type – sensitive combination; it is super dry and flaky in winters and in summers, well, there could be an oil-war among the nations for the amount of oil just my nose produces. If you are a beauty with oily skin and jostling with basic makeup, I completely understand your pain. I am here to help you because I have managed (self-praise) to get hold of a basic-makeup routine and tricks which work for me. To know them, please keep on reading (it’s a long post but worth every word).

1. Develop a skin care routine:

Do you know why your skin is so oily? Blame your overactive oil producing sebaceous glands. Reasons can be multiple – hormonal imbalance, your food habits, weather, but you need to develop a skin care routine. A skin care routine won’t change your skin type, but it will help you minimize the issues caused by it, like decrease in oil secretion, breakouts, blackheads, white heads etc. A basic skin care routine is CTM – cleansing, toning and moisturizing, twice a day (morning and before bed time). Choose products meant for oily skin. Don’t use harsh over-drying cleansers; they will dry up your skin which will then produce even more oil. Use pore refining, tightening toners and then light moisturizers. Do exfoliate well if you are going for a full face glam makeup. Then your skin care routine will be C’E’TM and I kid you not I swear by exfoliation. It makes your makeup sit beautifully on your skin. Remember, don’t go with vigorous motion, be gentle on your skin.

Tip – If you feel your skin has started producing oil by mid-day, use blotting papers to absorb that excess oil sitting on the top of your skin.

2. Prime your face:

apply primer
After you are done with CETM, let your skin soak in your lightweight moisturizer. Tap dance your fingers all over your face to let the moisturizer sink into your skin. Wait at least 10 minutes before you pick your primer and get started with it. Now prime your skin. There is a large variety of primers in market targeting various skin issues. You need to get oil controlling ones. L’Oreal Base Magique is a budget friendly primer; from there you can go for the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer and so on.

Tip – Don’t use primer all over your face; concentrate only on the areas when you get oil secretion. If you want your makeup to last all day long, you can use an oil-controlling setting spray on rest of your face as your primer.

3. Choose the right foundation (for full glam) or BB /CC cream (daily makeup):

The hardest thing to do ever, sigh! Searching the right foundation for yourself is harder than searching a right partner for yourself. Oily beauties should go for mattifying foundations. Even mineral makeup and powder based foundations work well if you don’t want full coverage.

Then for daily makeup, you can use BB or CC cream to get that sheer/medium coverage because we can’t wear foundations to work or college every day. Use your fingers to blend in the cream and try to look for those BB or CC creams which are oily-skin friendly.
(Always read experiences here on IMBB because here we make sure we tell you everything clearly from wear time to when it started getting greasy and faded away. IMBB is your matchmaker for foundations, BB and CC creams.)

Tip – If your mattifying foundation makes your skin way too dull, you can add any illuminating primer to your foundation, just a little so that the high points of your face catch light.

4. Use a damp makeup sponge (for full glam):

applying makeup with sponge
I refrain myself from using brushes because I feel they activate my oil glands. I use a makeup sponge with tap-tap motion. First I use a flat foundation brush to spread foundation all over my face, then, I start blending it with my damp sponge.

Tip – Dampen your sponge with a setting spray for long lasting base.

5. Highlighter, contour and blush. (for full glam):

You want an extra oomph for the natural contours of your face, make that nose more pointed, cheeks fuller and jaw line sharp? Highlight and contour. For highlighting, use a thin consistency concealer which should be superbly pigmented. I suggest Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. I love it! Then, use baking technique to set it. It won’t crease or budge because of your oily skin. For contouring, go for powder products rather than cream. They won’t clog your pores.

Tip – For daily makeup, use a light shade powder to highlight under your eyes. Use a no-shimmer blush and bronze up your skin rather than contouring. Make sure all products are mattifying and powder based.

6. Set with a translucent matte formula powder (both for full glam and daily makeup):

To set rest of the face, use a translucent mattifying powder. Wait for your foundation to set. Don’t powder right away because that would make your base cakey. For full glam, go for Soap and Glory Kickass powder, Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder and daily makeup routine can be fixed with Maybelline Fit Me and L’Oreal Mat Magique All In One Matte Transforming Powder.

7. Foolproof eye makeup (for full glam):

mascara application
Don’t use a concealer, but a proper eye primer. Concealer would crease and mess up. Even for a light wash of color, using an eye primer is a must. Oily lids are unattractive. Prime and powder them to avoid those oily, tired-looking eyes.

Tip – For a soft daily look, run a soft brown contour shade along your crease and add your most subtle highlighter below and above your brown crease color. It looks natural yet so pretty with mascara, minus eyeliner.

8. Lips:

Exfoliate your lips with DIY sugar, honey and lemon scrub. Apply heavy coats of lip balm before you start base makeup and remove it when you are ready with your base. Apply a lip liner and then lipstick.

Tip – Use a concealer around your lips to pop that lip color.

9. Stay hydrated:

Keep drinking water. Liquid intake is very necessary for your body and your skin reflects it. I always keep a bottle with me and I have an app to remind me if I ever forget to water my body.

10. Keep a travel friendly mini kit for touch ups:

If you are going for a late night party, wedding function and all, keep your translucent powder with you. A mini powder brush, blotting papers, q-tips and lipstick are all that you need in your travel friendly mini kit for touch ups. Otherwise, you can always customize as per your needs.

A secret – Don’t crib if your skin is very oily, it will age slower than the dry skin. And, when I got to know my reaction was like… WOW!

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