Steve Madden Sweet Spots Review

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Welcome to IMBB. We all love shoes, bags and accessories but each one of these has their own problems and pain points. Be it bags wearing out or peeling out if they’re made of PU leather, accessories turning black due to heat and sweat or shoes with tips wearing off or giving terrible shoe bites. Come what may we still try to work around to make our favourite accessory work for us. This time it was a shoe problem for me. One of my favourite peep toes were broadening the gap in the front. Every time I wear them, my foot would move to the front invariably despite trying hard to keep my heel at the right place. Due to this, I was not wearing my favourite shoes for long until recently. I visited the Steve Madden stores to check out their latest collection and picked up this accessory – Sweet Spots.

Price: INR 299 for 6 pieces
Product Description:
Steve Madden brings you invisible comfort for your life on the go….helps prevent against rubbing.
SWEETSPOTS will help prevent painful blisters on your heels, and can be applied anywhere on your shoes to ease friction. Madden’s gel pads cushion your foot so you can walk all day (or night!) in comfort. They stay in place and keep your feet cool, dry and fresh.

• No-show clear virtually invisible gel
• Can be applied everywhere
• Prevents rubbing
• Easy application
• Not intended for removal/reuse

My Experience with Steve Madden Sweet Spots:

Frankly, I picked up this product with lots of inhibitions and doubts in my mind as to how it will work. But since the product was not very expensive I got into the experimental mode. Further, the SA was an expert in marketing; he explained the benefits of the product so well that I ended up buying it. The Steve Madden Sweet Spots come in small oval shaped gel pad format.

The gel pad is very soft and about the size of a 10 rupee coin and can easily fit in any nook and corner of the shoe, be it heel or the top of the shoe. The gel pad is very soft and prevents any form of rubbing or friction. There are 6 of them in a packet, each of which has a glue behind to stick it in the shoe wherever there is discomfort.

The gel pads are almost invisible as they are transparent and anyone can hardly notice them when they have been stuck inside the shoes. The gel pad stuck easily inside the shoe where I was getting shoe bite. The friction reduced considerably and the gel pad felt soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, due to the position where it was stuck, the sticker could not withstand friction and it slipped.

Though I tried moving it back to the position again the stickiness almost disappeared and the gel pad fell off. However, when I applied it near the heel area, it stuck on well and did not move. It worked well with my peep toes and I got a good grip as well. Steve Madden Sweet Spots is introduced as a good product, however, does not meet all the claims it makes.

Pros of Steve Madden Sweet Spots:

•Transparent, invisible gel pads
• Can be applied anywhere in the shoes
• Rubbing or shoe bites are prevented
• Easy application
• Affordable
• Easily available across Steve Madden stores
• Provide a good grip on the soles

Cons of Steve Madden Sweet Spots:

• Not intended for removal/reuse

IMBB Rating: 3/5

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