Stila Dream In Full Colour Eye Shadow Palette Review

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by Dania F.

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all doing great. My review today is on the Stila Dream In Full Colour Eye Shadow Palette. I received this beautiful palette as a gift and it had been lying around in my makeup drawer for quite a while before I started using it. This palette is a combination of eye shadows and blushes. Although I don’t really like palettes, because there is always something in there that I paid for but is of no use to me. But since this was by Stila, I had my expectations pretty high. Did it satisfy my expectations? Is this palette really a dream in full colour? Read on, to find out.

Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette

Inspired by fantasy, whimsy and dreams, this palette contains an array of beautiful colours, where the possibilities are endless to create countless looks for the day and night. 29 eye shadow shades in Stila’s award-winning formula and 7 cheek colours. Included is a step by step artistry lookbook to show you how to apply various looks like a pro.

Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette


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My Experience with Stila Dream In Full Colour Eye Shadow Palette:

Packaging: The palette follows an intricate flower design with blushes at the very end of the circle and eye shadows in the center. The design is definitely creative and unique. It comes in a circular palette that is made of flimsy plastic which is definitely easily breakable. The top lid is transparent and is so prone to scratches. The circular shape makes it a bit inconvenient to store with the other palettes. Also, the triangular eye shadows are so tiny that it is very difficult to fit the brush in, forget swirling it around to pick up some good colour. The shape of the eye shadows inside is very weird and not at all user friendly.

Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette

Even the blushes surface area is long and not wide, thus making it very difficult to pick up some colour. Probably that is the reason they don’t show up on the skin. It is not very travel friendly as I cannot trust the plastic casing. Although the packaging looks creative, it is a huge pain to use it. In fact, sometimes it gets frustrating.

Eyes: There are 29 beautifully coloured eye shadows, ranging from matte and shimmer as well. Some of the eye shadows can also be used as highlighters. There is a wide spectrum of colours – both cool toned and warm colours as well. My favorite colour for a light shade is no. 1 -‘Kitten’ which I mostly use as my base colour. It even photographs beautifully – both with or without flash. Among the darker shades, my favorite is no. 23 – ‘Twig’.

Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette

The eye shadows are very well pigmented, but for some reason, while applied on the eye, they don’t show their true colour. You need to apply it with a wet brush of some fix plus, in order to get the true colour. On applying with a wet brush, the eye shadow stays on beautifully and does not even smudge. It also blends in beautifully and can be built up as well.

Stila Dream in Full Colour PaletteStila Dream in Full Colour Palette

Cheeks: The cheek colours are a mix of matte as well as shimmery shades, there is a pink, a peach, a nude, and even a brown. The colours look good on the palette and I was very excited to use them. However, they are a huge disappointment. They have almost no pigment whatsoever, and no matter what brush I use, it just doesn’t seem to catch any color. Sometimes I end up dabbing them on with my fingers. But it still doesn’t give a good result, no matter what technique I try. Finally, I decide to why bother, and grab my NYX “The All I’ve Ever Wanted” Box and use those amazing blushes there.

Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette

Lookbook: The artistry lookbook consists of 7 comprehensive looks with detailed instructions on how to achieve them. I personally don’t really follow any of the looks. The last page of the lookboox is like an index with a list of all the shades, and where in the palette it is placed. Personally, I feel the lookbook is a bit useless and the only time I use it is when I substitute it for a card to get my wing right. (sorry, Stila!)

Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette

Stila Dream in Full Colour Palette

Pros of Stila Dream In Full Colour Eye Shadow Palette:

  • Creative packaging design.
  • Variety of colours in one palette.
  • Detailed lookbook for beginners.
  • Eye shadows are beautiful, provided they are applied with a wet brush.

Cons of Stila Dream In Full Colour Eye Shadow Palette:

  • Flimsy packaging.
  • Slots are too small and are not user friendly.
  • Pathetic blushes. Disappointing slots, colours, and pigmentation.
  • Eye shadows need to be applied with a wet brush. Too much of a hassle.
  • Eye shadows have too much fallout.
  • Not at all travel friendly.

Would I recommend/repurchase Stila Dream In Full Colour Eye Shadow Palette?

I would like to conclude by adding that any product must by user friendly. Unfortunately Stila has failed to capture the hearts of the customers with this palette. Right from the packaging to the blushes, this palette is a huge disappointment. The only thing good is that the eye shadows are pretty, even though they need to be applied by a wet brush. And sadly, this is the first product I ever owned by Stila. This makes me want to think twice before purchasing anything else. Stila should have eliminated the useless blushes and given more room to the eye shadows. That would probably have made a better palette.

Would I recommend you to purchase this? No. maybe yes, if you find it on a huge sale. But mostly NO. Please don’t waste your time or money on this one. I got it as a gift so I’m stuck with it. The shade 01 ‘ Kitty’ is probably the only thing I ever got out of this.

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  1. Yes it definitely looks really pretty guys…but it will only look good sitting on your makeup table. It is not user friendly..and the colours are very hard to work with. Hopefully stila comes up with a better one!

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