Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review

By Chayanti Mukherjee

Hello ladies!

On summer days like this, I usually don’t like to wear lots of makeup on my oily face. My must-have makeup essentials are kajal and lip gloss. So, today I am going to review Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze. Its packaging looks so cute, and is a cute baby pink shade with lots of glitter. It won my heart when I first looked at it. But, what happened after applying it? Keep reading with a smile to know more! 🙂

Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review

Product Description:
New and beautiful shades of Stila’s ever-popular Lip Glaze in our iconic click pen. With just one click you get a glossy pout with a hint of refreshing and delectable color.

Easy-to-use clickable Lip Glaze pen

Infused with Vitamins A, C and E to keep lips hydrated and protected


Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review11

$22 for 0.8 fl oz

My Experience with Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze:

This is my first product from Stila. Stila Lip Glaze is a nice touch on lips. Products are less in quantity with respect to the price, but good to have for summer.

Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review8

Stila Lip Glaze comes with a plastic pack in a pen style click format. Nice style, I really like it. They have a brush applicator. By clicking or twisting on the lower part of the pen, lip gloss comes out which you can directly apply on your lips. This makes the application feel like you are painting on the lips. But, after a few usage, the cap tends to get dirty and stained with the gloss. Also, you need to close the cap very carefully. I am using this lip glaze for a month now and the applicator feels a little sticky now.

Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review

I have the shade Kaleidoscope. This is a sparkling baby pink shade with lots of glitters. This shade looks so cute on the pen. But, it does not look pink on lips. I am very disappointed with the way this shade shows up on my lips. On lips, it looks like a sparkling gloss only, with no color at all! But, still I like the gloss.

Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review7

My lips look so juicy and glittery after applying it. It looks cool on my lips. Also, the gloss adds freshness and joyfulness to even my simple outfits. I am also using this lip gloss on my other lip color to add a 3D effect or a nice gloss. As it is not a well pigmented lip gloss, it can’t hide my comparatively dark upper lip. I was expecting a lot more from it.

Finally, it’s all about the quality. I have used this lip gloss so many times. It has a strong scent of strawberries. It is very common scent, but I don’t like it. It is too strong for me. Some people might like it, but I don’t. It is easy to apply. Just click and apply. But, it feels a little sticky as a lip gloss when I apply it.

Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review2

It works as a good moisturizer. This is a plus point. Consistency is thick, but still spreads well and easily. It lasts for 4-5 hours which I really like. It contains the goodness of Vitamins A, C and E. But, at times, I need to use a lip liner otherwise it gets a little messy. After 5 hours or so, it starts to feel really sticky and messy on my lips. Glitters too get all messed up and travel on my face. All this needs to be taken care of immediately and cleaned properly. It is easy to remove the lip gloss, but not the glitter. Glitters stay on my lips forever!

Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review1

Over all, I like this product, but I am not so impressed with respect to the price and shade also. Quantity is less. Quality is moderate. Shade is also nice, but does not fulfil my expectations.


Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review4

Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review5

Props of Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze:

• Easy clickable pen form
• Travel friendly
• Brush applicator is very smooth
• Gives a nice glossy effect
• Lasts long
• Nontransferable
• Keeps lips moisturized
• Contains Vitamin A,C & E

Cons of Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze:

• Too pricey for only 0.8 fl oz
• Availability
• Long ingredients list
• Poor pigmentation, in fact no pigmentation in this case
• Its strong scent bother me
• Get a little stick after few hours
• It is super hard to remove glitter

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze?
Not this particular variant as it provides no pigmentation, but would try other shades.

Would I Recommend Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze?
According to me, this product is not worth it. But, if you are totally into glosses with glitters, this one is for you!

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5 thoughts on “Stila Kaleidoscope Lip Glaze Review

  1. i like lip glosses, but not with shimmer. especially when shimmer is this colorful! 😛 But, it is actually looking good on your lips. 🙂

    1. Thank You. 🙂 i try my best 🙂 yah its It looks pretty on my dressing table only not on my lips 🙂

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