Stila Tesoro Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Review

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Yet another liquid lipstick review!! *Collective Groans* For someone who is connected with me on Insta, you know this one is a fairly recent purchase – my first purchase from Sephora India! I picked it some time before Karva Chauth and had used it for my Karva Chauth makeup look. Sharing #ootd of that look….No! Don’t scroll down for the pics, let us first find out more about this lipstick instead… You are already scrolling, aren’t you?? *Head shake*


Product Description:
A highly-pigmented, liquid lipstick that’s weightless on the lips and delivers long-lasting coverage. This creamy, full-coverage lip color provides intense hydration with bold, long-lasting pigment that stays put for up to six hours of continuous wear. Featuring an array of matte and shimmer shades, this lip formula imparts a comfortable texture that feels lightweight on lips, and its color-rich formula does not bleed or transfer. Enriched with vitamin E and avocado oil, Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick hydrates and softens lips so they look and feel beautiful.  It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. This product is free of synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, GMOs, and triclosan.
US $24 / INR 1850 for 3 ml.


If you have checked my review on Lime Crime Velvetines in Rustic, you would have read my mini rant on the pricing of the lipsticks vis-a-vis the quantity of product. Some comparative pricing information is listed below:
Huda Beauty liquid Matte – $20 – 5ml
Kat Von D Everlasting – $20 – 6.6ml
Lime Crime Velvetines – $20 – 2.6gms
Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick – $24 – 3gms – which makes it one of the most expensive offerings around – within similar brands.


Stila comes packaged just like any other liquid lipstick – a transparent tube with a doe-foot applicator. Stila seems to have revamped the packaging recently because my earlier shades have a black cap, while the new ones that I picked from Sephora India have a matte gold cap instead. Rest of the stuff remains same – they still come packaged in a brown cardboard box with a window – helps identify the shade instead. The only major point of difference between the Stila packaging and the rest of the world seems to be their doe-foot applicator. The applicator wand itself is okay but the sponge tip is softer and more bendy. While the idea behind it may have been ease of application around the curves of the mouth. In my experience, it has quite the opposite effect. With the applicator having give, it actually makes lining the lips more difficult because you are not able to go precise. It requires more attention and precision to ensure that the tip does not bend under slightest pressure of the hand and go outside the lip line. Not a good idea – when you are working with pigmented shades.


My Experience with Stila Tesoro Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick:

Color:  The shade is Stunning!! Stunning! Stunning!!! I just love the colour – it’s such a beautiful bright orange red, without being garish or neonish. I remember, I went through this “orange-red” phase last year and kept hoarding the colour. I have been drawn to orange-reds this year too but more of eyeshadows than lipsticks. With this shade, I was instantly drawn the moment I swatched it and I knew I was picking it up.


This one brightens the face and will look lovely with neutral eyes or warm=toned eyes with a hint of orange in the crease.

Texture: And here is where the problem starts. The texture of this lipstick is quite like a traditional liquid lipstick – very creamy – even more so than the other ones that I have from this range. It’s a tad bit thick, but still spreads easily. and dries fairly quickly. However, it’s quite drying – you feel the product stretching your lips. If this was not bad enough, the product actually feels like a sand texture on your lips. It actually feels coarse to touch. Honestly, from a distance, you will not realise any of this. The discomfort will only be to the person wearing it.


Pigmentation:  Pigmentation is excellent. It coats the lips evenly and the colour does not sink/accumulate into the lines.


Lasting Power:  This shade lasts a decent 7-8 hours on me, but it’s not comfortable through the wear. Again, a lot will depend on what you eat/drink in the interim and the oil content of the same. This is because oil starts breaking down the formula. However, when it does start breaking from the inner portion of the lip, there is no stain and the shade comes off looking like blocks of colour have fallen off – this I feel is because of the thick consistency of the product and since the shade is so bright, it looks pretty awful.


Fragrance: There is a distinct sweet fragrance, just a tad bit nauseating. The good thing is that it’s not too loud and dissipates fairly quickly. It could definitely be an issue for someone who has a sensitive nose.


Pros of Stila Tesoro Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick:

  • A stunning shade – Not unique but very flattering – especially on our warm skin tones.
  • Excellent pigmentation!
  • It applies smoothly and evenly.
  • No feathering or bleeding.
  • Decent packaging.
  • Easy to identify colour from the tube itself.
  • Excellent wear time 7-8 hours plus.

Cons of Stila Tesoro Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick:

  • Thickish creamy texture.
  • The applicator tip should have been sturdier instead of having a give.
  • Will accentuate dry patches.
  • Fragrance could be an issue for some.
  • Considering the pricing and the quantity ratio – one of the most expensive liquid lipsticks in the market.

IMBB Rating:
A 3/5 product.

Honestly, I have been having rotten luck with my new liquid lipstick purchases – enough to put me off buying more or trying any other brand. While testing these new formulas, I also started having guilty pangs, I started wondering if I had built up the KVD ones too much in my mind? Were they really that good or it’s just in my mind? Are these new ones really that drying or is it the change in the weather condition and natural dryness of the lips. With trying all the new lipsticks, I realized that I had not used my KVD ones for more than a month. So, guess what? I put this review on hold and have been using KVD for last 2 days! Bottomline – It’s not in my mind! It’s a fact!

As far as this Stila one is concerned, even though the shade is fantastic, I cannot really recommend unless you intend to wear it only for couple of hours. That’s how I’m gonna be using it, but don’t think I would repurchase. I would probably look for this shade in another line. If you know of a dupe – please fill in!

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    1. Thanks Jomol! That was my Karva Chauth makeup! Its strange, when you are planning to sit at home and do nothing – the makeup comes out nice. When you getting ready to go for an event – everything would look terrible!

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