How to Stop Makeup from Transferring on Clothes

Hi Ladies,

Does the title ring any bell to you? Well, it sure as hell does for me! If you are a makeup enthusiast like me, then it is a very common problem that we all ladies face. In today’s post, let’s see how you can avoid this issue. If you want to know then just keep on reading.

How to Stop Makeup from Transferring on Clothes

1. Put on your Clothes First

Whatever you are going to be wearing that day, just wear it first and then do your makeup as usual. This will ensure that the inner portion of your clothes won’t get ruined with that foundation of yours.

2. Set your Makeup

Beautiful bride doing her hair and makeup

In this sweltering heat, transferring of makeup is a common problem. To prevent transfer of makeup, apply thin layers of it and follow with a translucent powder and a good setting spray. This will ensure your makeup sets in place and there are minimal to no transfers.

3. Go for Waterproof Formulas

Waterproof makeup has strong holding as compared to a normal makeup product. This kind of makeup doesn’t budge in the strong heat and there are no transfers on your clothes also. So, go for waterproof makeup products if your face is prone to sweating too much.

4. Use Tissues for lipsticks

Portrait of beautiful woman wiping lipstick at her mouth with a tissue paper. Beauty Concept.

If you will be going for glossy or cream based lipsticks and you are tired of lipstick stains all over, then just separate a tissue into two layers, and press powder over the tissue onto lips for non-transferrable lipstick effect.

5. Use a Scarf

If you are wearing something that covers your neck also like a collared shirt or a turtleneck then you can use a scarf to cover your neck area and then do your makeup as usual to avoid transfer.

6. Wear a Robe

Young beautiful joyfull woman in a robe with a towel around her hair is smiling and feeling fresh after the shower while looking out of the window and feeling cozy.

Just like scarf, you can also wear a robe when you style your hair and do your makeup. It seems simple, but it really does make all the difference. A robe is easy to slip into, but it definitely saves your clothes from ruining.

7. Hands-Off your face

Makeup products aren’t solid enough to resist budging if you touch it too often. If you want to keep your makeup from smudging, don’t put your hands near your face. This will also lead to lesser breakouts if you touch your face less often.

8. Prep Your Skin for Maximum Makeup Wear

Body care. Woman applying cream on face

If your skin is dry, dehydrated, too moist or oily, foundation stains are far more likely to appear on your clothes. So, proper cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization before application of makeup is a must. Also, use primer which is silicone free as silicone is likely to cause your makeup to slide right off.

9. Remember to Blot Throughout the Day

Blotting papers help to reset your makeup which leads to less shifting and is also essential to keep shine at bay. So, use blotting sheets as it is a cheap and affordable way to make sure your makeup stays in place throughout the day.

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