How to Store Perfumes and All Other Fragrances

How to Store Perfumes and All Other Fragrances


Arrange perfumes, mists and sprays neatly and in an easily accessible way. However, do not spread these items on your dresser, they should be left in a covered area,Eg: in dresser drawers or in segregated areas in the wardrobe, as dim covered conditions are best. Since we grab products easily if they are arranged properly and at eye level, arrangement is really important so that we actually use all the perfumes and sprays we own and just not hoard them.
perfume storage
(This is how I store them inside my dresser drawer-these are ones I’m using currently, new ones are stored in under the bed roller boxes.)


Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

All fragrances, wheter it be Eau de Parfums, Eau de Toilettes, sprays, mists, roll-ons or solid perfumes all of them should be stored away from direct sunlight. Light affects the chemical makeup of a fragrance and will change its colour which affects the dynamics of how it combines says Harry Slatin,fragrance expert. Any kind of direct light is bad for perfumes but the biggest culprit is sunlight.This is why products should not be kept on bedside tables or dressers in an exposed manner.They should be kept inside the dresser drawers.
perfume arrangement
(I keep these roll-ons container inside the drawer at all times, just took it out to take the picture ).

Do not Store Them in Vehicles

Even though it is easy to touch up if at least one perfume is stored in the car this also makes direct sunlight damage perfumes,especially since cars will be parked in out door areas and not inside the garage at all times.

When travelling always take travel size perfumes/mists in your carry-on bag and never in your checked baggage. This is because even if it is in a plastic bottle, in a 6-8 hour flight we don’t know in what temperature or condition our checked baggage’s are stored inside the aircraft-this is especially applicable for expensive perfumes which we cannot afford to lose. Also checked baggage is also susceptible to spillage and braking if it is a glass bottle.

Do not Store Directly Near Heat and Humidity

Especially in western countries, since there will be either centralised heating or ducted heating in all homes it is really important that perfume is not stored directly under or next to heaters.Additionally just like makeup perfumes shouldn’t be stored in bathroom cupboards even if it might seem a convenient way. This is because bathrooms have high humidity, and because hot water is used for showers and the bath temperature variations are also high which is not good for perfumes.

Should Not be Stored in the Refrigerator

perfumes in refrigerator
Just because high heat is not good for perfumes it shouldn’t be stored in the refrigerator either. This is because storing it in the fridge and taking it out often to apply will expose the perfumes to temperature variations and will cause the perfumes to go rancid.

Test perfumes/mists/splashes regularly

spray perfume
Test the perfumes that you don’t use regularly. Look for change in colour and smell. If you know that the fragrance does not smell the same anymore but smells off it is time to throw them away. Also most perfumes have a use by date, that is number of months it can be used after opening it for the first time, look out for these dates but as long as the fragrance still smells good no need to through them out.

Try to keep fragrances in their original containers

It is better to keep all fragrances in their original bottles and boxes because transferring them into small bottles to take on vacation is not a good idea, this will definitely not preserve the original chemical makeup of the fragrance. So instead of transferring your perfumes into smaller contains for travel, buy a couple of travel size fragrances to take on holiday. Look out for your favourite fragrances in travel sizes during sale times. Another good option is using solid perfumes/roll-ons during travel/vacation.

Think twice and do an audit before purchasing perfumes/ sprays/ mists/ roll-ons

types of perfumes notes
Check your current collection of fragrances and do a small audit before purchasing more fragrances. Since we can only use up certain amount of fragrance buying too many of the same kind/same genre of fragrances means that they get wasted. Back home ,I used to share my fragrances with my sister so they get used up soon, however nowadays I feel however much I use there is plenty left so im trying to reduce the amount of fragrances I hoard.(unless i get gifts of course ☺)

If given a choice, choose bottles with spray dispensers as opposed to ones with open tops or roller balls. Spray dispensers better protect the fragrance from exposure to dirt, dust and air, and have a longer shelf life.Always keep lids tightly closed. Perfume is more concentrated, more complex and less fragile than fragrances (such as EDP, EDT) that contain less oils and are more diluted.(Body mists/splashes/roll-ons etc) As a result, perfumes tend to last much longer. However having a varied collection is more interesting as I love to use mists and splashes as well as solid perfumes for touch ups.So it is all about looking after your beloved perfume collection carefully.

Last but not least wear your perfume with loads of attitude!!

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  1. Wow supriya……you have so many fragrances…..i used to think that only i am a hoarder for these but i am happy to find a companion….hehe…..very nice n orderly arrangement

  2. Hi Shivani,….. only the first and third photos are mine ,….. and i dont think i have a big collection at all,….when it comes to frgarances i have the smallest collection compared to my friends ….. 🙂 but i have got interested in frgarances only quite recently ….. and since most of them are good for 2 years i hope i can finish them up on time 🙂 🙂

    1. oh i thot the 2nd one was also ur’s since no image source is mentioned at the end…. nevertheless, i like ur small collection 🙂

      1. he he I thought so 🙂 🙂 …… im a hoarder of skincare and bath stuff but not perfumes since frangrances are expensive wudnt want to waste them ,…. i got that photo from the net …

    1. Thanks Pia ,…. yes it is essential .Even though we havent opened the new perfumes if we didn’t store it properly it might have got spoilt , better to check them.

    1. Thanks 🙂 but the second photo is not mine ,…… i only have a small collection ….which is in the first and third photos

  3. I totally needed this post supriya. i have been going mad storing my perfumes. thanks for sharing. :)) loved every bit of this post especially the last two paragraphs. super useful. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rati,.. 🙂 ..i really wanted to write this article as lot of ppl but expensive perfumes but if it not stored properly it gets wasted…… perfumes are more expensive than skincare or even makeup in general so i try to store them well,…. hopefully they’ll last for years

  4. LOve this post 🙂 🙂 🙂 …i’ve been collecting mists and perfumes…I just did an audit (as u mentioned) like 3days back and i really need to finish what i have first and then only buy more !!

    1. Thanks Shanaiia,….

      yup it is a very good idea to do an audit and making some rules to yourself before buying more perfumes

  5. Thanks Rati,.. 🙂 ..i really wanted to write this article as lot of ppl but expensive perfumes but if it not stored properly it gets wasted…… perfumes are more expensive than skincare or even makeup in general so i try to store them well,…. hopefully they’ll last for years

  6. supriya great article lovely pictures.u know i store my perfumes in a similar fashion.i have recently started buying the roll ons from fabindia and they are nice too.

  7. Thanks flygirl,…… my roll ons are from silky girl(southasian brand) and love&toast.

    I didnt know fab india does roll on,….when i come to India this year i want pick up some stuff from fabindia,cambhor,lakme and forest essentials ,…. i hope i have enough space in my suitcase 🙂 🙂

  8. Hi Surpiya!
    Nice info.. I too store my perfumes in a drawer of my dressing table..and since I am an ONLY perfume and no deos or rollons girl..I have a small collection of perfumes 🙂

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