8 Strange Facial Treatments From Around the World

We sometimes go the extremes to look beautiful. While some opt for surgery to keep that young, fresh, wrinkle-free skin, others opt for more natural methods. Between the natural and artificial world of beauty treatments, sometimes we come across the weirdest ever treatments. I have heard and seen weirdest of treatments and the treatments have just got weirder…eerrr.. better? I have put together the weirdest I have ever read in so many years, so read on and while you cringe your noses, check if you would want to try them and save money as most are heavy on pockets too!

Strange Facial Spa Treatment

1. Solid Gold Facial:

8 Strange Facial and Spa Treatments
Who wouldn’t love to go for gold facial for that sparkling looking face? But, while we aren’t sure if the gold that is used is real or not, there are parlors offering facial with 24 carat gold! 24-carat gold foil is wrapped around your face or body and it’s believed to fight cellulite and prevent ageing. Tempting, but I am sure it is super heavy on the pockets, let the gold price go low and I will run for this treatment 😛

2. Caviar Facial:

Caviar was once the most costly food on the planet and certain types are still the costliest and considered royal food. Caviar is nothing but fish egg. Known for its richness in Vitamin A, B and D, it is one of the common used ingredient in the creams and facials of celebrities that helps in repairing damaged skin and makes the skin look youthful by reducing wrinkles. Caviar is also touted to replace Botox in the coming future, so brace yourselves for no injection and natural anti-aging facials! You never know, the chefs can come to you with caviar asking – “Radiant and youthful skin anybody?” 😛

8 Strange Facial and Spa Treatments caviar facial

3. Bee Venom Mask:

I remember being stung by a bee once! As painful it was, as soon as I read the name, my eyes popped out. But nothing to worry, there is no bee sting, but the venom is mixed in creams and applied to face. The venom contains melittin and when applied your body senses that you are under attack or pain and sends skin tightening collagen and enhances circulation. Beneficial, isn’t it? This is the most sought-out facial by Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton. It is also called the organic and natural alternative to Botox!

4. Placenta Facial:

If you have seen “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Kim mentioned that she ate her placenta after giving birth and had fooled her family! As bizarre it is, the fact remains true and there are a lot of women out there who eat their placenta due to the highest nutrient contents like vitamins, minerals and amino acids present in the placenta. Well, if you love the idea (ewww) but do not want to eat, you can get creams or facial done with placenta! You never know whose placenta you have on your face!

8 Strange Facial and Spa Treatments bee venom

5. Snake Spa and Facial:

I am not a fan of snakes! Snake venom is used in a similar way like bee venom masks but imagine live snakes crawling on you! Yes, snake spa is popular. It is believed that snake movement massages the skin and rejuvenates it. Relaxing or terrifying?

6. Vampire Facial:

Yes, Kim again introduced it to us in KUWTK! The facial where your own blood is injected back to your face with micro needles! The blood is said to rejuvenate and deposit more collagen on the skin! Next time, a guy you hate writes a love letter in blood, as him for the blood instead!! (Stupid joke!)

8 Strange Facial and Spa Treatments blood facial

7. Urine Facial:

As kids, we know the embarrassment of peeing in the pants. As if that wasn’t enough, you have a facial too with human urine. From ancient times, urine is known for the benefits to mankind 😀 Cow’s urine is considered and consumed, but human urine?? I don’t know anything relating to urine! Well, the facial is the application of human urine to your acne and whole face to reduce it significantly. I did know that if a jelly fish stings, urinating over reduces the pain ,swelling and heals but being applied to your face? Errrrr.. NO!

8. Beer Spa:

We all know the benefits of beer in enhancing the beauty of hair, but imagine being dipped in a tub of beer? Not that bizarre right? So while you soak in beer, you take in all the rich nutrients from the beer and get a glowing skin.

8 Strange Facial and Spa Treatments beer facial

All the above are expensive and mostly limited to the celebrities earning millions and willing to spend a lot to keep the healthy glow, but common people like us, might buy some beer pour in our tub and relax! 😀

9. Rubber Face Mask Facials: Thanks to Korean skincare, we now have rubber face masks which cover the entire face, even eyes, and help rejuvenate and refresh the whole face. These rubber masks come in powder form which when mixed with liquid turns into a paste or gooey consistency, which then is applied all over the face. After a few minutes, the paste turns into a rubbery consistency which can then be peeled all over from the face in one go! People who have undergone rubber face masks have vouched for its effectiveness in making their face fresh and glowing. If you can get your hands on a Korean rubber mask, grab it now!


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