Streax Hair Potion Review

Streax Hair Potion

I usually pick up stuff which reads “Hair Potion”, “Serum”, “Glowing” 😛 and so on, on the label.. I don’t go beyond this and they will directly go to the billing counter. I never usually hunt for something specific while I go shopping, and because of this I tend to buy a lot of stuff unnecessarily. Few turn out to be duds which I happily pass on to whoever fancies the bottle or color ( I mostly go by the packaging also :-P). And few make me wanna repurchase them. Then there are others, which are only worth using once. Which are just there, and you just use it without making you happy or sad. So this product that I am going to review is one such thing.
Streax Hair Potion
What does Streax Hair Potion Claim:

The perfect formula for beautiful, shiny hair.
• Streax hair potion is the ultimate frizz resistant formula
• Enriched with Vitamin E and oil of nature’s best almonds, it instantly turns rough, frizzled and damaged strands into soft, silky smooth hair
• It has hair nourishment and moisturizers that treat split ends and protect against damaging hard water chemicals, heat, dust and sun’s UV rays
• So that your hair is easily manageable, soft, silky and shining with health from root to tip

Directions to Use:
1. Take a small amount of Streax hair potion in your palm.
2. Apply it on damp hair and gently comb through spreading it evenly
3. Style hair as desired. Use an additional quantity for longer and thicker hair.
Price: INR 75
Streax Hair Potion (4)
Quantities Available: 50ml, 100ml.

What I feel about Streax Hair Potion:

Except the good old Livon, I almost thought there were no other hair potions. I mean yeah, serums are always there. But what caught my eye was the Hair Potion in the label. And this is my first ever product from Streax. So the moment I reached home, I literally threw out other stuff and dug into my bag to get this out and try.

Similar to Livon, but that one used to leak. I haven’t carried this in my bag till now. But somehow the transparent sturdy packaging tells me that It won’t leak.  So yes, travel Friendly.
Apart from the claims of being a detangler and moisturizer, it also claims to Vitamin E fortified with UV block to protect from any sun damage to the hair. I have soft , silky straight hair which doesn’t tangle into knots much. So, Even otherwise after washing my hair, I don’t require a detangler separately. So I really can’t comment on how good it detangles. Moisturizes, Well Yes. To a certain extent. It does make your hair a little softer. But be careful, if you use too much of this potion, then it might look like you have just oiled your hair. It does make your hair shiny, but again depends on how much u use. I use a coin size amount for my hair and it works well.
The UV block claim I don’t know how to experiment and prove that it works or not. I hardly go out in the sun.
Streax Hair Potion (2)


What is good about Streax Hair Potion?


  • Makes your hair shiny and soft.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use Packaging.
  • Require less amount. I still am not able to finish mine .

What is not-so-good about Streax Hair Potion?


  • Don’t think it would help much in detangling hair.
  • Makes hair sticky if too much applied.

Streax Hair Potion (3)
What sets it apart from the other Hair Potions available?
Actually nothing. I did expect it to do wonders with all that UV block, Vitamin E and all those tall claims on the label. But I guess, it’s just your everyday ordinary hair potion.

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6 thoughts on “Streax Hair Potion Review

  1. Hair becomes greasy when applied more *cry* then it would be a skip… because i really cannot measure the exact amount needed… i tend to take more by mistake lol *hihi*

  2. i jus got one doubt….can this product be used even on dry hair????actually i apply it regularly and now am little doubtful if it would have any adverse effect on my hair????

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