Streax Refreshing Lily Vanilla Perfumed Body Mist Review

Hello Ladies,

I am glad to be finally reviewing Lily Vanilla perfumed body mist by Streax. To know how it did, keep reading.

Streax Refreshing Lily Vanilla Perfumed Body Mist

Price: 190 INR for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Product Description:

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Outgoing, expressive, the girl on the go, is this your friends best describe you as? Then here’s a spunky fragrance best suited for your wild adventurous escapades. A refreshing blend of lush lilies, crushed vanilla and sugary coconuts exudes irresistible freshness that lingers on.

My Experience with Streax Refreshing Lily Vanilla Perfumed Body Mist:

I am loving this range from Streax and I am always in a dilemma to choose between the three but my first pick would be ‘Peach Love’ followed by Lily Vanilla and Oriental Blossom I guess. Like I said, I am never sure which one I like better and usually I smell the three and go with my gut to suit my current mood. I might sound like I am marketing for it (toothygrin) but these mists can make you wonder about the bigger better brands.
What mostly clicked for me about these perfumes mists is their combination of fragrance notes and their overall staying power for the price, more like all in one package.

Fragrance Description: Personally vanilla has always worked for me and we all know that it clicks ‘sweet’ to our nose and sense so imagine crushed vanilla transcending from a floral note (lush lilies) and ending with sugar kissed coconut. As I pen down the description, I can almost taste or picture a bowl of sugar coconut cream sprinkled with vanilla. So if you a ‘sweet tooth’ person, even as far as fragrances go, you would enjoy wearing this, else I am not certain about you handling this perfumed mist that is predominantly spells a loud floral-sweet note.


Packaging: The packaging is a simple, cute, color-coded plastic bottle and Lily vanilla comes in an ocean blue color. This easy to carry around bottle that is highly budget-friendly can be apt for teens and college-goers. Talk about value for money, simple can be amazing at times. Also during short trips or vacations you can always add this perfumed mist to your cabin bag. The nozzle is just fit and fine to dispense the right amount of the mist on the go too. One more thing that I would like to add is (in case you have not read my previous reviews) as far fragrances and their packaging go, the specifications matter to me a lot. Also in my personal opinion, it definitely eases out things a lot for a lady whose fragrances speaks a lot about her.

Staying Power: The mist once sprayed in the morning lasts until noon but leaving sweet traces behind. You can go in for application for ‘Lily Vanilla’ or probably just spritz a bit of vanilla based perfume, speaking of which a classic perfume like ‘Burberry Women’ when layered up on top of this mist can dry down the sweetness. You can be happy of traces of both left on you or your outfits. This perfume is great for every time wear and none of these scents carry an intimidating fragrance. The scent sinks faster before you know and you are all fresh to go especially with ‘Lily Vanilla’. It is also great to re-apply for evenings and one more thing I like about this range it almost suits any season, although they are more of tropical mists that come by and go; but even otherwise, this one is definitely a breezy lasting fragrance for the daytime.


Overall Performance: Since I am naturally inclined towards picking any fragrance-based product that spells ‘Vanilla’, this one works just fine for me and my nose, but it can be slightly bothersome for some noses. Also, a sure shot way that I knew, this range from Streax scored with me because of the constant tendency to reach out for one of these which is how the happy repurchases happened. I see a cute product with a price tag that does not burn a hole in your pockets, happens to be this perfumed mist’s major advantage although I wonder why it is not that popular, maybe it was the marketing that went wrong but keeping everything aside I look forward to more such perfumed mists from Streax.

The entire range is worth repurchasing for regular use. It is a total value for money and once in a while simple products that with a performance that can blow you off are good to feel. I secretly always wish for this range of perfumed mists from Streax to be replicated as perfumes. If they did, I would be first on line to grab them.

Pros of Streax Refreshing Lily Vanilla Perfumed Body Mist:

• Packaging – Color coded short cylindrical bottle with product information on it that comes with a same color plastic cap. In Lily Vanilla’s case, it a pleasant ocean-blue that they have used.
• Fragrance – a combination of lush lilies, crushed vanilla and sugar kissed coconut to give your senses a sweet treat.
• The staying power is impressive.
• Affordable for regular everyday use.
• Easy re-application.
• Travel friendly mist.
• Specification of fragrance notes.
• A gentle mist that does not irritate the skin.

Cons of Streax Refreshing Lily Vanilla Perfumed Body Mist:

• Lily Vanilla’s scent can be too sweet to handle for some noses.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Streax Refreshing Lily Vanilla Perfumed Body Mist?
Yes, I would definitely repurchase this one but before which I have lot to more to buy from this range I recommend this if you like a pink lovers, it could be berry pink or just a perfect pink. You would be happy to have it.

Verdict: If your senses need a break from your regular fragrances, then do try this fresh blend of sweet floral notes, weaved into ‘Lily Vanilla’.

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