Street Wear All Day Wear Compact Review

Street Wear All Day Wear Compact Review

Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to review a very affordable compact powder that I came across. I was looking for a setting powder for my Revlon foundation when the SA showed me this and told me it gives medium coverage, is matte, and actually stays “all day” long.  I was sceptical, but tried it nevertheless. Though I am not into matte powder, for the price, it seemed like Lakme (I don’t like it, but like most Indian women have used it at some point), but slightly bit better in terms of texture and blending.

Street Wear All Day Wear Compact Review

Shades Available:

Natural Matte, Blush Matte, Powder Honey.  I got the one in “Blush Matte.”


Rs. 195.

rati beauty ad


A round and purple plastic case with an applicator puff and mirror.

all day wear

Pros of Street Wear All Day Wear Compact:

  • Good staying power, kept my skin matte for 9 hours when used as a setting powder over my Revlon foundation.  It survived the heat and humidity and was still fresh after 9 hours.
  • Medium coverage.
  • When used alone, was still effective for 6 hours. Quite impressive for the price, the Lakme one stayed for 3-4 hours maximum.
  • Light and easy to blend.
  • I have sensitive skin, but it didn’t break me out.
  • Decent shade selection.
  • Better then Street Wear Perfect Wear Compact and of course Lakme, in my opinion.

Without compact powder

Before blending

After Blending

Cons of Street Wear All Day Wear Compact:

  • Puff impossible to clean :p, use some other makeup sponge or brush.
  • If skin is not moisturized, it will settle in fine lines (like most matte powders tend to).

IMBB Rating:

4/5 ( good value for money).

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24 thoughts on “Street Wear All Day Wear Compact Review

  1. i heard from my aunty that if we start using compact/rose powder we can become fair :woot: . is it so 😐 ? actually i’m the darkest in the family with ringlet hair 😥 , ppl think i’m afro rather indian… :scream: I started getting inferiority complex :zombiekiller: . just wanted to know if rose powder helps? :worship:

    1. shajeela, using compact and rose powders can make you look a shade or two lighter but visibly… moreover, with all the skin lightening and brightening lotions you can achieve a good skin tone and few shade lighter skin color… 🙁 🙁 🙁 plzz do not feel inferior thats your identity. :puchhi: In my opinion good skin looks amazing regarless of the complexion.. :)) . still if you want, try using some natural remedies … good luck.. :love: :love:

      1. hey girl, always wear makeup that suit your complexion and skin.. never ever wear anything lighter!!! :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: healthy skin is ALWAYS beautiful, no matter what the colour :methinks: :methinks:

            1. Shajeela.. u knw wat nowadays dusky skin is “in”.. flaunt it with pride.. :yahoo: keeo it moisturized to get that hot look 🙂 njoyyy

    1. me 2 but that was b4 rati reviewed the 3 in 1 concealer !!! i bought that and this… both are not bad at all :methinks: :methinks:

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