Street Wear Glitz & Glam Nail Polish Dupe, Review, Swatches

Street Wear Glitz & Glam Nail Color Dupe, Review, Swatches

Hi ladies, I am elated to tell you guys that I have finally found a decent colorbar counter in Chennai after my separation form colorbar for almost a year and a half :happydance: I think my Chennai readers would know that Colorbar is available in saravana stores t.nagar but having feared the traffic condition I never went there. On top of that, the seven storey store is always crowded and the entrance is choked with shoppers, it truly makes shopping “a sweat experience” never the less I was sure the makeup counters will not be that busy (I donno why I just assumed) I was ecstatic to know that there was good Colorbar counter at least with loads of Colorbar velvet matte/creamy matte lippies and the neon and cream nail colors in had wanted .

colorbar vs streetwear nail polish

What I got is a secret and will be reviewed gradually but they did not have those lip pots (or whatever the name is )nor the concealer pots :/ but what they did have from the somewhat new release is the concealer pencils in some four colors and I was very happy to find them but I did not pick up any as I was too busy to keep abreast of the new creamy matte lippies 😀 Frrm the nail paints I got a couple of them but mainly a dupe of my very favourite street wear color called GLITZ & GLAM I had no idea about the new Colorbar ones and the moment I saw this I had to get it as my street wear one is on the verge of finishing .

colorbar nail laquer

Street Wear glitz and glam: I got this color last year from big bazaar and tough these have been modified into newer bottles, I saw that this shade was very much available. its like a khaki shade with shimmer finish .It is thick in consistency but goes absolutely opaque in one coat. Tow coats will not be essentially necessary unless you want to wear it for a week . One coat would easily last you three days without chipping. The color is a gorgeous khaki green and suits Indian outfits well but I love to wear it anyday. The thing that I like about this is that it is very thick and goes opaque in one go. The brush is decent enough I don’t see a problem with it . for 75 rupees it has delivered what I wanted.

green nail paint

Colorbar exclusive 60: This is a close dupe to my favourite glitz & glam. I got this recently and so have been able to test it very less but I can never doubt the quality of Colorbar nail paints and its by far my most favourite Indian cosmetic brand . this color 60 had more of a yellow golden shimmer to it rather than just golden like the glitz and glam above. This one runny in consistency though and the brush is long and wide so I don’t see a problem with that . In fact I quite like the tall brush handle and I find it very convenient the only problem with this one in comparison to the above is that it is thinner and would need two coats for a good opaque finish . I love this one too as I love all khaki colored makeup :toothygrin: for a 9 ml quantity the price is decent and I wouldn’t mind the two coats . With a good shelf life of three years, im glad I picked It up.

Colorbar green nail polish vs street wear green nail polish

green nail polish

Coming soon some other Colorbar nude lipstick finds for you all!  🙂

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50 thoughts on “Street Wear Glitz & Glam Nail Polish Dupe, Review, Swatches

  1. neha i have used a full bottle of that colorbar nail paint last year :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. neha i have the same street wear nail paint & i now want the colorbar one too…… thanks for the review :teddy: am going to chk saravana stores out within this week :yahoo: :yahoo: :woot: :woot:

  3. Neha,
    I have been to Saravana stores and Kudos for you in having the courage to face teh crowd there!!! :waytogo:
    Colorbar should send you compliments for this dedication. :present: :present: :present:
    did you also check the big bazar in tnagar? previously they had a colorbar counter..

    1. Till date, I didn’t get the guts to enter Saravana stores. But seeing all gud reviews for colorbar items, I may try entering. ?:)

      1. ya we planned and planned and planned with hubby n finally gathered courage to go
        hubby n baby were in th car only later as they cudnt stand it :rotfl:

    2. 😯 again
      oh man i would anyday go to bb for colorbar
      i was telling my hubby that i can come to saravana stores only for colorbar 😐
      so obviously he turned a deaf ear :yawn:
      ramya said there is a counter in style one in adyar
      i saw but i was over priced
      :thanks: hv to check bb

    3. devi really colorbar shud send me a voucher or something for potraying my craze for the brand on imbb since long :yawn: its time they did :yawn:

      1. Neha, the Adyar Hi-Style colorbar counter is dying for customers. so u may like the breeze in there. I wouldnt recommend the sales gal there – anyways u r a colorbar pro – so no issues 😀

        btw gorgeous color. never seen this 😐
        waitinnn to hear abt the creamy mattes! :waiting:

        1. oh :shout: 😯 oh il give her a piece of mind dont worry
          did she trubl u ?
          oil tell her abt the latest launches in colorbar she will think i work for them and im on a suprise check :rotfl: :stars:

    1. lippies lippies lippies i went for them
      so i found some new shades
      but ya rest all was same
      i found new nail colors too
      i was happy as i was seeing colorbar after so long
      but no lip pots n concealer pots :nono:

  4. Whenever, I see any article about colorbar products, I was like “When will I get them”. I had recently visited Big Bazaar in Arcott Road and I found a colorbar counter.. I picked up nail polishes like I was crazy… I never knew it was available at Saravana Stores, I wouldn’t go there anyways.. 🙂

    1. hey bb in arcott road is sic km from place
      i never saw it there ?:)
      only lotus and lakme
      amrin its a new counter? ?:) :woot:

  5. Saravana Stores of all places. But I used to frequent that place before marriage and kids. Now, I just don’t have the patience, and taking kids there is a nightmare.

  6. Thanks 4 dis post,Neha! 🙂
    Both the colors r awesome,bt I liked das streetwear one more,since its darker. :thumbsup:
    Wil definately b on da lookout for these,dono me se jo bhi milega le lungi,da khakhi color is awesome! :love:

  7. I am definitely going to check out this lovely olive gold shimmery shade, thanks, Neha for showing this to us. Colorbar counter – here I come – :jog: :jog:

  8. its a luvly shade neha..i hav a golden frm lakme which i adore but this luks diff.. i have to get it now… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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