Street Wear Perfect Wear Compact Review

Street Wear Perfect Wear Compact Review

Street Wear is Revlon’s answer to Lakme’s Elle 18 range of makeup for the Indian market that is aimed at teenagers and others who do not wish to spend too much to get a quality product. Like Elle 18, Street Wear has no website. It doesn’t even spend on promotion and marketing, which Elle 18 does quite brilliantly. Street Wear products are available at all Revlon counters, often as a cheaper alternative to those who would like to buy Revlon products. I have used quite a number of Street Wear products over the years and I bought this product-Street Wear Perfect Wear Compact-about six or seven months ago.

Price: Rs.150 for 7 grams. The price is not mentioned on the product.

Key Ingredients: Not mentioned.

Directions for Use: Not mentioned. Though, just pat it on for a matte effect!

Here are some swatches:

street wear perfect wear compact review

The sleek black case


The open case with the mirror and the cake of powder in view. One of the iconic images of beauty alongside red lips, isn’t it?


The cake of powder in close view


The details do mention Revlon, though “Revlon” is not part of the product name

The Review:

I have slightly oily skin so I usually dab on some compact powder after I have applied a water-based moisturizer with SPF before going out to ensure I have an oil-free matte facial skin. The Lakme compact that has been around for ages has served me well all these college years. I am not a compulsive compact fan like some of my friends who keep dabbing on compact throughout the day and swear by Lakme. However, I always carry my compact and dab it on if I feel I need it, but mainly because of the mirror that comes with it.

I don’t know if the Lakme one is costlier now, though the Perfect Radiance compact is priced at Rs.150, which is also what this compact cost me. I get bored with products soon, even if they are good, so I bought this because I thought it was “budget” make-up. But it actually is costlier than the Lakme compact.

The case is pretty good and shut tightly so despite all that my tote/backpack has to suffer every day, this case can stand anything. However, the mirror always has powder on it, which never happens with Lakme compact. I have to rub the mirror off the precious powder even when I just have to check out something.

Coming to the all important powder, I am sorry but it is much worse than Lakme’s. I have been waiting for it to get over a long time but even applying in loads really doesn’t so much good. I have it in the “Natural” shade which is really close to my complexion, but it doesn’t give my skin any radiance. It doesn’t feel good and soft on the skin and though it mattifies, you still need to dab on a lot of powder to make it work. It doesn’t blend in with other things, in fact, it settles in places if you have a thicker cream beneath it, like sunscreen. The result is very uneven, it’s like you have sediments of powder in places and a creamier skin besides, unlike a good compact which can be applied all over and mattifies your face. I don’t even try applying it on the tiny beads of sweat and oil that comes during the day, due to its unsettling nature.

I don’t know if anybody else has used this, or if it sells well at all in the market, but why go for it when you have Lakme? I am eyeing the Perfect Radiance compact now, which at the same price will surely give better results.

Pros of Street Wear Perfect Wear Compact:

  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Looks smart and classy.
  • Lasts a long time.

Cons of Street Wear Perfect Wear Compact:

  • The end result is matte, but not smooth.
  • Need a lot of quantity to work at a time.
  • No good for touching up, need to apply on a freshly cleaned and moisturized face.

Will I buy it again? No, never.

If I have to rate it, I would just give it 1 out of 5 and that too only for the classy black case.

The concept of Elle 18 is at par with the packaging, the range and quality of products, while Street Wear is not. Not all Street Wear products are bad, but if the concept is inspired from street fashion (going by the name of the range), then it has to be bold, edgy, punky. Instead, Street Wear products lie around quietly in stores in all their mystery, not even desperate for discovery and fame. It is like Revlon don’t really know what to do with this line of products even though they are of quality, if not always perfect or “different”.

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26 thoughts on “Street Wear Perfect Wear Compact Review

  1. hmmm I liked the packaging..Too bad the product didn’t work well… Thanks for the review Amrita!! 🙂

    And Good morning everyone..Me back to office today!! 😀 😀

  2. Rati, did u see….its showing again…dimpi´s Brown And Pink Nail Art Tutorial…I dont know y this is happening??? ?:) ?:) ?:)

  3. welcome to IMBB amrita.. such a dud :yuck: guess they spent too much money on the packaging and forgot to add value to the product :hihi:

  4. gud review amrita :yes: …. the big mirror is gud but th quality is poor so whts the use.. i even didnt like the super slim puff provided… 😐 :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  5. Never had the confidence to pick up anything other than lipsticks and nail colours from streetwear…now this review reinforces that!

    1. Lipgloss is actually good. My first lipgloss, bought 5 years ago for only 100 bucks was great and served me very well 🙂

  6. Hey Amrita.Nice one. :waytogo: Actually even I need to buy a compact.So my next buy will be be Lakme’s perfect radiance….serves my almost broke pocket.

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