Street Wear Rich Matte Lip Color in Coral Matte Review

Street Wear Rich Matte Lip Color in Coral Matte Review


I was never into buying cosmetics before I joined IMBB, but I always wanted to possess infinite number of lipsticks like any other girl, and now within 4 months, I have a box full of lipsticks. This is a dream come true for any girl. IMBB is not only a platform to showcase your success, but also a place where you can fulfill your dreams. The weather in Kolkata is superb after a great storm, a network tower beside our house broke, rather flew away *scared* Okay, now let’s come to today’s review.  Today, I will review a Streetwear Lipstick from the matte range – Coral Matte.


Rs. 225 for 4.2 gm.

Coral Matte Lipstick 2

My Experience with Street Wear Rich Matte Lip Color in Coral Matte:

This Street Wear lipstick comes in various ranges and they have some super shades and awesome textures with an inexpensive price tag. This rich matte lip color comes in a hot pink packaging with the shade name and number mentioned below the case.

Coral Matte Lipstick 3

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The texture of this lipstick is super soft, creamy and luscious, not matte as mentioned. The texture of this lipstick is more like the “Satin Smooth” range and I am pretty satisfied. This lipstick is immensely moisturizing and so soft that it even sets in lines if swiped multiple times. This lipstick has a subtle floral smell that may disturb sensitive noses.  The lipstick stays for 3-4 hours without food in between, the shine goes within 1-2 hours.

Coral Matte Lipstick 4

This colour is brown colour, a nude that will wash away most of the Indian skin tones including me. This may make your pigmentation around the lip area more vivid and may make you look dark. This is a shade that is a bit browner than your concealer. But this lipstick does not cover pigmented lips well, because if layered, sets into creamy lines, especially if not kept in the fridge, but works superbly below a matte or hard lipstick.

Coral Matte Lipstick 5

Coral Matte Lipstick 8

Still this is one of my most used lipsticks in the past one month. In case of lipsticks, I generally review them within a week, but this is an exception. When I bought the lipstick, I loved it, when I came home and used, it my heart broke.  Then, again I fell in love with it the day when I tried mixing it with a dark shade. Trust me, the way it lightens blood red, orangey red and hot pink, you are bound to fall for it. Though I had a love-hate relation with this shade before, but now I can even marry it.

Coral Matte Lipstick 9


Pros of Street Wear Rich Matte Lip Color in Coral Matte:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Nice, smooth, creamy texture.
  • Good staying power.
  • Love the way it lightens lipstick shades.
  • Subtle smell.
  • Nice girly packaging.
  • Can change the texture of your hard lipstick.



Cons of Street Wear Rich Matte Lip Color in Coral Matte:

  • The shade will wash out if worn alone.
  • Sets in lines if worn alone.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Street Wear Rich Matte Lip Color in Coral Matte?

Yes, absolutely, I will recommend this if you are comfortable with the con part and I will surely repurchase this, stay happy!

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  1. sooper LOTD *haan ji* … And you have very beautiful lips *preen* …. The final fusion colour is awesome *jalwa* …

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