Street Wear Satin Smooth 14 Copper Cabana Lipstick Review

Today I am going to review on Street Wear Satin Smooth- 14 Copper Cabana Lipstick. Actually I am not a regular user of lipsticks. Quite choosy in that as I only prefer lip- gloss since my lips are very dry and needs to be moisture every now and then. But just last week while I was cleaning up the place where I keep all my cosmetics, I found this Street Wear Lipstick. It was a gift by my elder sister that I had kept in my box carefully but forgotten about it 🙁 I took it out and just gave a single swipe and was amazed with the shade. It was looking so good and the best part its glossy and that single swipe lasted on my lips for 3hours.
street wear copper cabana lipstick

The Shade goes well with any outfit whether it is an office wear, casual wear or a party wear. It is shiny and glossy and gives an immediate sophisticated touch and looks best when accompanied with a copper eye-shadow or light bronze color eye shadow. I use lipstick very often, but I think I shall have to change my view as I love this shade and can apply it on a daily basis too. It applied smoothly and evenly on the lips.

It comes in a Purple Color easy to hold case. The stick is quite thick and lasts for many days even if applied regularly. The packaging may not look that much attractive but it matters least to me because all I am interested is in the product, the color and how does it look on me.

Rs.225 for 4.2gm

The lasting power is three to four hours and it is also water-resistant. Even after washing the face the shiny effect lingers on the lips for an hour. One swipe is enough and over layering can make it settle in fine lines and may also look over bright. It keeps the lips moisturized and there is no need to apply any lip – balm underneath before its application. It looks good on face with fair and wheatish complexion. Like its name it definitely has a satin smooth finish. It is easily affordable as the price is not that high.

What Do I think about the Shade?
I like the shade very much but still from heart and soul I shall always remain devoted to Lip-Gloss. It is only an alternative option for me. I like its smell, its longs lasting effect and its glossy nature. There are other shades too that I like but this will always remain one of my favorite shade.

Pros of Street Wear Satin Smooth 14 Copper Cabana Lipstick

– Can be applied with casuals, formals, office wear or party wear.
– Looks gorgeous, glossy and shiny.
– Keeps the lips moisturized.
– One swipe lasts for 3-4hours.
– Water-resistant

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Cons of Street Wear Satin Smooth 14 Copper Cabana Lipstick

– No specific ingredients mentioned.
– Over application/layering makes it look gaudy, excess bright.
– Very often gets unavailable (out of stock) from the market.
– Sticks on Cups, glasses, etc.

Shall I buy Street Wear Satin Smooth- 14 Copper Cabana Lipstick again?
Yes, definitely I shall buy it again. It is a best alternative for a gloss and I can carry it anywhere and it gives a touch of glamour to my look immediately ☺

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