Street Wear Shine Divine Lip Colour – Glimmer Pink

by Priyanka Ashok on September 1, 2013 · 4 comments

Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour in Glimmer Pink

Hey there!

This is another one of my forays into the deep dark world of lipcolors, all for my ungrateful mom. *sobs plaintively*

I have bought a lot of products from many brands, but Street Wear always appealed to me. Seeing as it is the sub-brand of Revlon quality is almost guaranteed, so to speak. The product I am going to review is one of their few higher priced offerings. On to the review!
StreetWear Shine Divine Lip Colour Glimmer Pink (3)

425 INR


2.25 ml


It’s a pretty pink, twist up package with a very sturdy lid. The colour of the packaging, corresponds to the shade offered and this makes it exceedingly easy to locate in your vanity.
The inherent problem of all liquid lipsticks, persists with this one too, hygiene. It’s highly unsanitary when used by one or many. The sponge tip is prone to bacteria and if this is shared, then only God can save you! :p

Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour in Glimmer Pink (6)

The transparent lid, though travel safe, gets a little messy with the excess lip colour left over on the sponge. It would look better, if the lid matched the opaque packaging too.

My take on Street Wear Shine Divine Lip Colour in Glimmer Pink:

Personally, I prefer non-shimmery bold colours so this frosted shimmery finish just seems like overkill to me. But, it makes my already plump lips look huge, which is a good thing for those with thin lips.

On dusky skin, the colour is too light and can make you look washed out. But on lighter skin, it looks surprisingly natural. My mom has thin lips and is much lighter, this looks like an everyday lip colour for her and is one of her go-to lip colours.

Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour in Glimmer Pink (5)

The product has a very glossy finish, and lasts more than 5-6 hours but after 2-3 hours it begins to feel exceedingly dry. Thereafter it is best to either touch up or at least add some lip gloss. It is also very sticky and attracts flyaway hair like a magnet, which irritates me no end. It is also very unforgiving on the lips, like matte lip colors you need to prep your lips before using this product. Unless, you want to look like you were Bear Grylls’ cameraman in the Sahara desert survival episode. :pStreet Wear Shine Divine Lip colour in Glimmer Pink swatches

The sponge tip functions very well, no problems with the twist up mechanism too. But the only glaring flaw here, is that one has no way of knowing how much product is still left. Which makes buying a replacement before you run out, a huge problem.

Pros of Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour Glimmer Pink:

1.The screw mechanism works, unlike many liquid lipsticks.
2. Decent staying power of more that 4-5 hours
3. Package is indicative of the shade, so it’s easy to locate in the vanity.
4. Pretty colour for fair skinned people.
5. Makes your lips look plumper.

Cons of Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour in Glimmer Pink:

1.Applicator can make sharing the product unsanitary.
2. The product is pretty sticky.
3. Product feels exceedingly dry on your lips after 2-3 hours.
4. May wash out dusky complexions
5. The frosted finish along with shimmer, is overkill (may be a pro for some).
6. Accentuates flaws in the lips, by settling into fine lines.
7. Expensive
8. No way of knowing how much product is left.

Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour in Glimmer Pink (4)

Would I repurchase Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour Glimmer Pink?

Nope! I think this product doesn’t cater to my needs.


Would I recommend Street Wear Shine Divine Lip colour Glimmer Pink to friends?

Nah! There are better fish in the sea!

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neha September 1, 2013 at 11:15 am

too pearly for me *nababana*


saloni..!! September 1, 2013 at 11:26 am

Yes it is actually a bit frosty *haan ji* but i love how the li colour comes ot from that sponge kind off a thing *happydance*


arja September 1, 2013 at 1:14 pm

Use it as an eyeshadow then powder it with a similar powder shadow to make it set. (I dont think it`ll set that`s the prob ) but it`s too metallic for indian skin tones I believe. This would be a good highlighter even , anything but a lipgloss rofl


Gowthami September 1, 2013 at 1:38 pm

Nice review 🙂 🙂 no to the shade and yes to the packaging *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*


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