Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner Black Review

Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner Black Review

Namaste ..all ladies 🙂

Streetwear stayon Liquid Liner

I have been eyeliner crazy for quite sometime now. Eyeliner is a must for me, even if I skip anything else. Every other eyeliner I bought had one or the other problem. Now, I am really happy with Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner.

What Street Wear Claims About The Product:

Stays on for 8 hours.

Quantity and Price:

6ml. Price is in between the range Rs. 200 – Rs. 250 (I guess it is Rs. 220. Can’t recall the exact amount. :(, so sorry.

My Experience with Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner:

The product comes in a black-colored opaque plastic bottle with a silver-colored plastic cap. The details are also printed in silver on the bottle. The whole structure of the package is thin and elongated.

The cap has an elongated stick and a thin felt-tip applicator. Though it is a felt-tip applicator, it is very soft and bends easily if pressed a little while applying. The applicator is very thin tip, and thus, the thinnest line can be drawn.


The liner quality is also good, but not jet black. You will have to streak 3-4 times again and again for a dark color. This is not an issue for me though.

The staying power is very good. I apply it in the morning hours before I leave to office and it is intact even when I return back late in the evening.

Once I accidentally rubbed my eyes, then, I rushed to the ladies room to find the liner still perfect. :), did not chip, did not fade. My full vote for Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner.


If you have been using a brush applicator liner, then you may have difficulty in using felt-tip applicator. I faced the same problem. It took about 4 days for me to get hold of this applicator.

Pros of Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner:

– Good packaging.
– Thin soft felt-tip applicator.
– Good staying power.
– Liner quality is also good.
– Does not chip.
– Does not fade.

Cons of Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner:

– Color is not jet black.


I rate it 4/5, (reduced once for its color not being very dark).

Will I Repurchase Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner:

Yes, I will buy this again. I would like to try some other brand as well.

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12 thoughts on “Street Wear Stay On Liquid Liner Black Review

  1. chand, i have been using the colorbar black liner since ages now. its getting over so i plan to buy a new one- have u used the colorbar one/ if yes, is this street wear one better or worse?
    street wear waala looks prtty black to me in the pic even though u say its not 😐

  2. i must really stary picking up some stuff from streetwear. hmmpphh. there was this one lipstick i wanted to pick frm themn but i never found it so i got totally disappointed. :smug: :smug: :smug:

  3. i’m quite clumsy with felt tips…. other than that, I’m happy with the swatches that you have put up…. :thanks: for the review 🙂

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