Street Wear Stay On Long Wear Lip liner Review

Street Wear Stay On Long Wear Lip liner

street wear stay on long wear lip liner
Hello all IMBBians, introducing you all to Street Wear Stay On Long Wear Lip liner in 04 Garnet shade.

Price and Quantity: 0.28g for Rs.250

Shelf life: 3 years.
Shade: 04 Garnet

My experience with the Product

I have always wanted a liner which does not require sharpening. The retractable Street Wear Stay On Long Wear lip liner was the one, which fulfilled my requirement. It is a thin pen like structure with a cap.

The shade gets on very well with just one swipe. It glides very well on the lip borders. There is no need for second swipe.
lip liner swatch
It goes well along with many of the lipstick shade. The SA showed me the liner applied with pink and nude lipstick swatches. Perfect, I thought. I use this lip liner with Street Wear Satin Smooth in Go Grape, Revlon Color burst in Peach and Hazel nut, Colorbar in Peach Tango, Lotus in Almond Rust. But, I have to make sure that I don’t wear the liner very dark along with peach and nude color.

There have been days where I have applied this liner alone in dark and smudged it with my fingers all over the lips and topped it with gloss. A wonderful shade in itself.

In the below image, my lips colored with Street Wear Satin Smooth in Go Grape and lined with Street Wear Stay On Long Wear Lip Liner in 04 Garnet
lip swatch

Pros of Street Wear Stay On Long Wear Lip liner

– The best part of this liner is, apart from browns it blends well with peaches, pinks and nudes as well.
– Retractable pencil structured package.
– Does not require sharpening.
– Pretty affordable.

Cons of Street Wear Stay On Long Wear Lip liner

-After the sharp edge of the liner (when the product is very new) goes off with subsequent usage, there is no way the same sharpness can be brought back.

Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase
Yes, I will buy the same shade again after I am done with the current piece. Mean while I would like to try other shades as well.

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13 thoughts on “Street Wear Stay On Long Wear Lip liner Review

  1. oMG i loved the shade. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I am just lazy to wear lip liners. i got addicted to them and the addiction vanished coz of my laziness :headbang:

  2. i hardly use lipliners but if i were to use i’d probably go for a nude’ish color so that my lips are defined without going OTT.

  3. OMG you ‘ve got the perfect lips sonicely shaped :toothygrin: , its a gorgeous color and must buy if it goes well with browns and nude lippies! :thumbsup:

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