Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious Review

Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious

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Hope you all are fine. I am going to review Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious. I am totally pissed off with this eye shadow, it did not satisfy my demands at all. It was just a big wastage of money. Along with this shade I had also purchased STREET WEAR STAY ON MINERAL EYE SHADOW in Enchantress which is indeed a better one. It is already reviewed in IMBB so I am not repeating the same. Hope you read my review and understand why I did not appreciate this eye shadow.


Product Claims
A long wear mineral eye shadow infused with good for skin mineral

Shelf Life 2 years

Rs 275 Net Wt 2 gm but I got it at a discounted rate of Rs 225 ☺

Unlike other eye shadows it comes in a transparent small container with a stick which is also the cap of the container and can be used as an applicator. The contents in the container can be seen from outside. The stick has a conical kind of tip that is to be used as an applicator.

My Take on Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious

This shade is a very complicated one. When I saw the colour in the shop I was very excited that I am going to purchase a new shade and quite a different colour. I use loose powder eye shadows but this is perhaps the most weird one .Most of the time I use eye shadows in pink, brown, purple, blue. But this is more of light green color. You can say its lighter tone of the mehendi colour. The texture is good. Lasting power is also satisfactory. It stays on for about 2 to 3 hours. Pigmentation is also satisfactory. The shade has a golden shimmery effect which I did not like at all. The stick applicator is totally a problematic one. After application while putting back the cap some loose powder fell out which I consider a wastage. I had this problem with the other Street Wear Stay On Mineral eye shadow Enchantress shade too. It cannot be used to apply the eye shadow properly. All you can do is apply the colour on your lids as a liner. I used a brush to spread it properly on my lids. The shade creases a lot. It spreads and almost ruined my lids. Though in the pictures you shall see I have applied it as a liner. The color is almost non-visible in broad daylight. I clicked a picture with the flash on where you can see the exact colour. It looks whitish. May be there are some other tricks to apply this eye shadow which I am totally unaware of. If someone knows I shall b really glad. Share with me the tricks. People with a very fair skin, I suggest you never try this, until you know some perfect tricks or ways of proper application.

PROS of Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious

• Pigmentation satisfactory
• Does not wash away with water.
• Is preferable as an evening wear

CONS of Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious

• Shade is too light colored and does not show up in broad daylight
• Lasting power is just for 2 to 3 hours
• The stick applicator is a very complicated one. You need a brush to apply properly.
• Gives a whitish kind of color
• Creases a lot
• May not suit people with too fair skin


Shall I buy Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious again?
A big NO!!! I shall never ever buy it. it did not suit me at all.

Do I recommend it?
I don’t recommend it but those who are keen with experimentation, can try it.


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18 thoughts on “Street Wear Stay on Mineral Eyeshadow in Vivacious Review

  1. hmmm… that’s a tricky color…. u can do one thing, do u have a darker moss green eye shadow? if yes then spread this one all over the lid and then create depth with a darker green and brown on the crease. use a blue eyeliner. perfect for a girl’s day out 🙂 m sure it will look good that way 🙂

  2. that’s a very tricky color to use . I would only use it probably on the lower inner third lash line to add a bit of pop… but i still liked what you did. It looks nice. 🙂

  3. i can understand.. its about the color.. however you can try a thinner line than the one you have made or at best use it as a highlighter.. 🙂

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