Streetwear Color Rich Foundation: Shade Natural

Streetwear Color Rich Foundation: Shade Natural

Streetwear Color Rich Foundation Shade Natural

Rs. 125 for 30 ml.

Streetwear Color Rich Foundation Shade Natural

I have a love-hate relationship with this brand :stars:.  Some products turn out to be so lousy that I swear never to get more, but then some things are made real tempting like the lipsticks in Satin Smooth, some matte ones and the silver packing one (I forgot the name) that I end up getting them just to try :dance: and similarly, I saw this in my local grocer’s (Nilgiris if you are in Chennai) and picked it up.

The shades available were Natural, Pearl, and Warm.  Now, to tell you honestly, the reason to get this one was that Indian market is flooded with white and pearl foundations, I don’t know why and more often than not, I mix two shades to get my own foundation shade or end up using a darker shade and then opt for a lighter powder, but never a white foundation :headbang:

Streetwear Color Rich Foundation Shade Natural

So, when I saw this on the rack, I saw two very suitable colors to Indian skin tone in Natural and Warm and a Fair one in Pearl.  I must say I was mighty impressed that they have given thought in making shades suited to our beautiful olive Indian skin and not just whitish-looking cake-y ones.

Now, this was lying besides the Revlon ColorStay ones which again are such pink and white foundations :yuck:; in pearl mist, some rose shade and some natural one’s, but all very white and pink.  Streetwear is a chota bhai of Revlon and comes out with very affordable shades and many a times, I have thought that perhaps the same thing goes into both Revlon and Streetwear and just the brand alters the pricing (tell me your thoughts on this :secret2: ).  I must say these very cheap foundation looked better and more suitable than the ColorStay one by Revlon.

Streetwear Color Rich Foundation Shade Natural

This “Natural” one was a medium shade, the “Pearl” was a wearable white, and one more in “Warm” was more for olive skin, but I could do with mixing a little bit lighter one to it and still be happy. The texture of this one is thick and a little greasy and more heavier than my oily skin would like.

Streetwear Color Rich Foundation Shade Natural

The shade is a warm, orange-based one and I always add a little moisturiser to it or a drop of lighter foundation to it and then dab with fingers on areas where coverage is needed. Even with the brush, this foundation would need a lot of blending as it’s a little thick, but somehow, I find it easier to use with fingers and it blends quite alright for me.

Streetwear Color Rich Foundation Shade Natural

Since it is an oil-based foundation, I think dry skin would really like and more so for the fact that the shades are so wearable, everyday kind, and not made keeping in mind for parties where you need a whitish coverage.  Remember the job of a foundation is to even out skin and not to make you three shades lighter and look white.  For that purpose, I don’t layer it on, I just dab on areas of need. For the neck and jawline, it does a good job too.

This a medium-to-full coverage foundation, so pigmented, blemished and scarred skin should give it a try.  This one does oxidize and can look cake-y if you go overboard, go light and easy and it should work just fine and it needs to be set with powder definitely for oily skin as the oil would make it look greasy.

It was sweat proof for at least three hours or so after which I thought touching up with powder was a good idea, but overall, I am happy with the coverage shade and the fact that I can mix it up with a moisturiser or a lighter foundation to make it usable.

Last Word on Streetwear Color Rich Foundation:  Shade Natural

If you are new to foundations, want to start with a low-end one, want a shade which is darker and not whitish, I suggest checking this out definitely; dry skin would like it even more.  I am happy for the utility and the price I paid.


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53 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Foundation: Shade Natural

  1. Interesting one Neha dr… totally agree wth u on te white-ish foundation part..
    i went 2 H&G te othr day and te ladySA thr, tried her best to sell me a foundation that was almost 3 tones lighter than my skin tone!!!!! her reason: “Maam, u wll look fairer”… :specs: :specs: :specs:

      1. things r as usual dear.. i ws in chennai fr jst 2days and it ws a rush!!!wantd to stock up on MAC, Clinique etc, but dint get anytym at all.. 🙁 plannin 2 come in Feb, hope 2 meet u then? :puchhi:

  2. Hi Rati,

    I am olive medium to dark complexion , yellow undertone with slight redness on cheeks & blush area. Have oily face. Which foundation will best suit me ??

    Thanks for introducing primer for us …am using these days have improved the overall look .
    But am still in search for foundation ..i checked out in MAC store but its dry or chalky kinda appearence in my case which SA applied….so din’t like much .. please suggest some other brand …thanks

  3. i dont have a single street wear product… never tempted me enough :D…
    bt with this price pocket wont get hurt na… i thnk teenagers can definitely give it a shot.. 😉

  4. Nice product review Neha :yes: :yes: …I totally agree with you..Last time remember..I bought Loreal True match in a wrong shade and its totally useless for me.. I bought both foundation and compact…SA insisted me on buying that :waaa: :waaa: …..But..this product seems to be nice..and best part is that its not expensive like revlon’s other foundations….

  5. gooood morningggg 😀 😀
    I remember I had this foundation in school and I used it religiously everytime i went out . But I cant find it anymore,its good for everyday use :haanji:

      1. Thankoo Kimi………….I was so tired waiting for the power to cojme back and rati is so sick :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: :doctor:

            1. Nahin, I don’t want any reviews….I want the thing……online kahin dikhe toh :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

              1. Actually, Nupur is reviewing it :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

      1. Koosh nahin…..I know you want to say something to me, lekin kah nahin pa rahin ho….batao batao….main kissi se koosh nahin kahoongi :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2:

  6. Neha….I am majorly off of Streetwear products because the ones I have used have not suited me though the lipsticks you reviewed are really tempting……this one I think I will stay away because of the oil content :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: :nababana:

  7. Whenever I see Street Wear at Nilgiris..I think of you.. I rem ur purchase like lipstick, nail enamels and now this foundation during ur grocery shopping 🙂 Wise thing to do as hubby might pay it along with the grocery bill 😉

  8. i hav never tried out streetwear anytime..n after reading the review….its seems it not really gr8…n yes i hav tried out revlon foundations…but didnt really like them…. :nonono: :nonono:

  9. The price and packaging are really tempting….but I don’t think it’ll suit my skin type. :nono:
    But It is a pretty good product otherwise. :pompom: :pompom:

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