Streetwear Color Rich Lip Color – Sun Kissed

Streetwear Color Rich Lip Color – Sun Kissed

I think they make the cheapest but most varied shades around. you can find them online easily and can get a trial shade in case you like to experiment. This one is a sun kissed bronze shade which is nice for days you do not want to add too much color on the face and still get that polished pout.



I know many fair skinned women who carry bronze and metallic lipsticks so elegantly.This lipstick is great for starters.It feels pure matte on the lips but still has this bronze feel to it.It does not have any obvious shimmer to it but it is on the metallic side and the finish is matte.Dry lips can skip it as it might feel heavy and dry.You might need two swipes for even coverage.


These come cheap so you cannot expect much from the packaging.The cap does not lock so it is best not carried.The texture is also very had on this one and you need smooth lips to use this or else it will accumulate in the fine lines and cracks and flakes. this lipstick feels matte so does not need a lip stays in place for long hours and it will not bleed or look messy at all.I did not have any problem with any shimmer smudging either.


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The lipstick has this golden sheen to it making it apt for evening but 30 to 40 age group would be able to carry this gold bronze kind of shade best. The lipstick only feels matte but has a golden sheen to it, it is not an OTT shade it looks quite sophisticated for the age group I mentioned. So overall an average lipstick, nothing wrong but nothing exciting either.



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  1. Neha… How u do it I have no idea… But every every shade looks perfect on ur lips… Good review and lovely lotd dear

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