Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful

Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful

Hi everybody,

I told you I will be reviewing a lot of products soon out of my recent shopping; well, they are in progress. This one though is an old one from my stash. I bought this when I was a gloss person but I have transformed into a lipstick person now. 😛 Gloss lovers, read on.

Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss Bashful+(3)


INR 235 for 5.9ml

Product description:

Add glamour to your lips by using Street Wear Lip Gloss is rich in texture. It endures for long hours after application without feathering, or smudging. Keeps the lip color locked and also keeps the lips moisturized & nourished and adds shine to them.

Streetwear Color Rich LipGloss Bashful (1)

My experience with Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful:

It comes in a transparent gloss packing with a white cap. It is not travel friendly as the gloss always accumulates around the cap and I have to wipe it off with a piece of cloth every time. The applicator is sturdy enough and does its job well.

Streetwear Color Rich LipGloss Bashful (2)

The gloss is almost a clear one which gives minimal peachy- pink color. It has silver shimmers in it. I do not like shimmers in my products, do not remember why I didn’t notice it while buying.
The gloss is sticky- not too much but, yes, it is sticky. It bleeds too. Being a plain gloss I cannot wear it on my lips alone. You don’t know- it is with very heavy heart that I have put a pic of plain gloss on my lips, just for the sake of the review. Rest swatches are with Maybelline 14hr lipstick eternal rose beneath and this gloss on top. This way it works fine for me. It lightens the original shade of the lipstick and the combo is very wearable with the shimmers being not so visible this way. This combo stays for good 3- 4 hours for me with the shade getting a bit lighter in the later hours. It does not survive a meal. I have made out combos of these plain glosses I have with many lipsticks and that is the only way it works for me. Otherwise they would get wasted and expired in the kitty itself. Need not mention, it transfers a lot be it alone or in combination with lipsticks.

Streetwear Color Rich LipGloss Bashful (3)

Now this gloss has an ultra sweet smell, again something which I do not like at all. As I told I bought this when I was a gloss lover, I bought two more with this at once. I liked it on the shop then, but did not like it as much after returning home. That is also an old story, now when I did spot this in my collection after a long time, I thought “what exactly made me buy this?”.\

streetwea lip gloss swatch

Overall, I would say I can make it work over lipsticks but otherwise I do not use it alone, nor do I plan to buy any more glosses from this range.

Pros of Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful

• Looks good over different lipsticks as base.
• Nominal price.
• It is not completely clear gloss, has a peachy-pink hue.

glossy lips

Cons of Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful:

• It is not travel friendly; gloss collects around the mouth of the cap.
• Cannot be used alone, washes me out if I use it alone.
• Have a lot of silver shimmers, which is not up to my liking.
• It is sticky.
• Has an ultra sweet smell.

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful?

Absolutely not.

Recommendation: if you love to wear lipstick and gloss combos, and can bear shimmers and smell, you may try it. Otherwise, I don’t think there is any reason to buy it.

Until next time, take care!

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10 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful

  1. Its looking gorgeous over you lipstick Sahiba *happy dance* *whistle* the lippie shade is awesome *happydance* although the gloss is not that attractive if used alone *happy dance*

  2. i don’t like streetwear products… past two experiences were really bad… i won’t buy this….but the color looks beautiful on you *whistle*

  3. wow I loved your swatches Sahiba.. this gloss definitely looks good over the lipstick.. 😀
    and your nail color is super.. which one is it?

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