Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Icy Blush

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Icy Blush

I own a couple of these lipsticks and thought must review this shade before others, I find it a unique shade. This a brick brown with silver shimmer but kind of attractive as the shimmer is not visible. This is a brown but still so wearable, I think it isn’t a great shade for most skin tones. It is not too brown and you can build it up, it looks like it has some pink to it too.


The packaging of these lipsticks is pathetic.There is no click lock or anything and the plastic too is cheap. You cannot complain much for Rs.180 but still.they have a lot of shades to choose from, maroons plums and pink and nude shade too.This one is probably few of the shimmer lipsticks I like. The boring case needs to be ignored.


The lipsticks feel hard.It is not creamy at all. It has to rubbed on for some color to show up. the color looks light pink in one swipe but if you build it it gets brown. The shimmer might feel gritty too. The lipstick is not moisturising but you can actually say it is a matte feel lipstick.


The lipstick will cover lip pigmentation but it will not be apt for dry lips. This will feel heavy and drying when you wear too much. The shade goes well for all time and skin tones IMO. I still like the shade despite of all cons. You can try it if you are on a budget.

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The lipstick will last sometime, no issues there, 3 plus hours for sure and does not transfer too much either but this leaves shimmer on and around the lips when fades or cleaned. So that can be bothersome. apart from that, drying part and average pigmentation is the problem. For the cost you cannot complain much.


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  1. That is a mature shade *happy dance* *happy dance* i love the texture of streetwear lipsticks *happy dance* i have three… you should really try them… pinkaboo and pink pie *happydance* *happydance*

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