Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick: Peachy Sizzle

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick: Peachy Sizzle

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick Peachy Sizzle

Back again with another easy on the pocket colour worth drooling for. I really don’t remember how many of these I own since I got them on an impulse considering they were up for Rs. 133 in “Saravana Stores,” but otherwise, they are Rs. 140 to Rs. 160.  Amazing for the shades, isn’t it? Well, I hope I have some more nice shades which are so wearable that you can change your lipstick to office each day.

Peachy Sizzle

Once again, if you read the post on Pink Pie shade, you would know how the black and grey cheap plastic packing puts me off, but the colours inside are worth more than 140 rupees and hence I have no complaints. Like you can see, the shade is an amazing peachy orange shade and I totally love such perfect combinations of peach and brick which life up the face, not being orange, but at the same time being very “face brightening” you know.

Peachy Sizzle

The shade is a cream lipstick and it’s a gorgeous saucy lipstick which is moisture finish and may look creamy after the moisture is lost after a drink. But for the immediate effect, the color is gorgeous and moisturising. I can compare this colour very much to bronze orange in Maybelline, which undoubtedly I own too or perhaps the Buff shade in Maybelline Moisture Extreme too.

Peachy Sizzle

I love the finish, texture, and the moisture of the lipstick.  It’s a tiny 3.5 grams which makes it even better to finish off soon and stock up more :P, that’s how I do it, but if you are into bigger-sized lipsticks, check out the Maybelline shades I suggested.

Peachy Sizzle

The lasting power is a good three to four hours which is fine with me. You can layer it on and the colour itself is very pigmented and smooth and comes out very opaque in just two swipes.

Peachy Sizzle

Last Word on Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick:  Peachy Sizzle

For the price, this range has some real good shades. Try the shades from Maybelline in Buff and Orange from Moisture Extreme in case you want to skip the brand.  Most of the online sites stock this or the Maybelline shades I mentioned, so I hope the review helps. Check out the other shades reviewed on IMBB 🙂

IMBB Rating:

4 on 5

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78 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick: Peachy Sizzle

  1. Neha,I never ever dreamt of Saravana stores all becoz of the crowd..Now You’ve tempeted me to visit Saravana Stores,just to own these lippies 🙂 I’m gogin this weekend.

                    1. hahah oh my god u read my mind
                      i go there only acha tell me one good shop in town which stocks real good makeup and recent releases?
                      i found absolute in SS two weeks after it was released i think 🙁

  2. Neha…..I am coming to Chennai in a few months……I had checked Sarvana stores last time, will raid this time around….:) There’s only one in T nagar na….??

    1. yeah welcomez welcomez!
      arey waha kuch nahi hai
      you hav to reach the 5th floor ASAP
      dont look left or right
      and when u reach the makeup counters all brands are there and no one buy makeup so its free
      but when u do reach there, all the SAs gather around u…..and help

  3. Neha.. have you ever tried counting the number of lipsticks you own.. Please post some pictures of the entire collection.. “me wanting to faint”

    1. hehehhe nahi
      some one here told me, if you count it doesn’t increase
      so i stopped
      i do discard a hell lot tanvi
      to make space

  4. very pretty shade. Nice review. You are right. The packaging isnt much attractive. I love the packaging of Estee Lauder/Faces lippies. The casing gives an idea of the shade without opening. Very much easy when you own a wide range of lippies and are in hurry to pick the right one.

    1. yeah true anshu
      even the colorbar matte ones have a that sneak peek below the case
      and MUA lippies too 🙂 and nyx round ofcourse haina ?

  5. Nice review neha.. I am searching for a peach lipstick for my peach sari but I am confused betwin lotus herbal peach creme and revlon colorburst peach shade.. can u help me, I have fair complexion but very light shades washes me out..

    Can u plz review Streetwear Color Rich: Dark Choclate also

    1. DONT get revlon
      its very sheer
      and peach creme lotus is great out of the three 🙂
      dark chocolate ?
      i havent heard of it
      i have the other brown in creamy brown and cocoa glaze
      will revu
      come again with the name ? r u sure this range has a dark chco?

        1. oh i havent seen it
          or must have skipped
          but will revu the tons of others i have
          u get the lotus peach creme its an evergreen one
          check out rati’s post on imbb 🙂

  6. Neha, nice review again 🙂 Whenever u write ‘Saravana stores’, I become nostalgic.. 🙂 My parents stay in chennai and we love to go to Saravana stores..I have been to the cosmetics section, there are quite a few brands over there 🙂

  7. neha i bought the pink pie one yesterday and loving it sooo much!!!! now will buy this one today. hehehe, u keep reviewing such affordable and awesome lippies and i will buy it the very next day!!!!

    1. I agree.. till now i bought three lippies based on Neha’s review.. and Pink Pie is on my list too 🙂 hope i will buy this weekend..
      Neha lippy reviews always tempt most of us 🙂

  8. You know what.When i saw the swatch i was like ok its an ok ok shade but your lip swatch sold it to me. You have such amazing full lips Neha. <3 Love every single shade on you. *.*

  9. nehaaaaa!!! thanks fr making things easy fr me 🙂 😀 i love both the shades u hv reviewed so far n m def gonna buy…. u knw pink pie and this one is my kinda shade :p pls review others also so that i cn decide nw which one I want 😛
    U said u dnt remember how many u own ….. ha ha ha sounds so much like me kind of 😉
    Great review again and those lips of urs….. OOOOOOhhhhhh!! 🙂

    1. han i dont count ever
      and i am seriously obsessed total maniac
      but at least i can share the shades so girls wud know hahaha
      and i love the sight of a brand new lipstick?

      yeah now tht u said nue lips r ur fav u wud like pink pie 🙂

  10. Neha, nice shade.. I think I would pick up most of the shades u’ve reviewed here during my next vacation to chennai.. I like that pink pie too.. 🙂

  11. I commented s** y lips on the morning , but it went to moderation .. 🙁
    lovd the shade on u dear .. 🙂

  12. Neha, i love your lipstick reviews, and have even ordered at least 5 shades online just after seeing your reviews. And your lips….super sesky !! Hehe. 🙂

  13. Neha I have applied colorbar Bare 2 days ago and i quite liked it and kept it on my lips for the whole day, i even forgot to apply lip balm but now my lips are drying like anything and becomes stretchy…

    Is it due to the lippie?????? it doesn’t happened before ????

    1. yeah i hate the new formula in round packing
      the older in sqaure one was great
      stains and dries
      in fact i hav stopped purchasing colorbar velvet matte!

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